Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara

Hatate Sota is a high school boy, who has an ability to visualize "flags" for future events such as "death flag", "friendship flag", and "romance flag". Despite the flag-viewing ability, he avoids making friends with others due to a trauma he experienced in a ship submergence accident. Four beautiful girls get interested in his strange way of living, and they begin to live with him at the school dorm by force.

Anime Data

  • Type:TV
  • Episodes:13/13
  • Status:finished airing
  • Start:Apr 07, 2014
  • End:Jun 30, 2014
  • Main Work:Hoods Entertainment
  • Producers:Hoods Entertainment
    The Klock Worx
  • Duration:24 mins
  • Genres:Comedy
  • Average Score:64.3
  • Romaji Title:Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara
  • Japanese:彼女がフラグをおられたら
  • Synonym:If Her Flag Breaks
  • Hashtag:#がをられ




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Alright, I'll spoil the final rating: Fuck You Out of 100. Fuck the writers, fuck the director, fuck the animators, fuck everybody who likes this show and fuck everybody involved with it. Now on w...


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My lord do I regret having watched this show. Stale characters, poorly written plot sequences, a semi-interesting concept for a world/setting that was so horribly botched, the list goes on. Every si...
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