AniList Beta Features:

  • Rating Systems

    AniList has 5 different rating systems to choose from!
    10.0 Decimal
    100 Point
    10 Point
    5 Star
    3 Point :)
  • Custom Lists

    Custom Lists allow you to create a specific list for whatever anime or manga you choose! Like what you're watching next Fall season or maybe your favourite selection of Shojo manga.
  • MyAnimeList Import

    If you already have a MyAnimeList account you can easily import your anime and manga lists straight to AniList.
  • Custom List CSS

    Customize your anime and manga list to suit you! With custom CSS you can create the perfect looking list to fit your needs.
  • Community

    Discuss the latest anime and manga via the AniList forums, equipped with threaded comments and bbcode.
    Or you can join our live chat to instantly talk with AniList members and moderators.
  • Following & Activity Feed

    AniList allows you to easily follow other users. You will be able to see what they’ve recently watched, read and see their status updates in your activity feed.
  • Database

    AniList features a comprehensive and growing database of Anime, Manga Characters, Staff and more!
  • More

    AniList has tons more features. Like recommendations, live episode counts and countdowns for all airing anime.
    AniList is still growing, so expect many more features and improvements to come!