The @AWC account is now welcoming community contributions to lists that will be used for various challenge requirements!

  • Send a message to @AWC with your suggestion and the team will add it.
    • Make sure to specify which list
    • Make sure it's not already on the list
    • Make sure to include the character/episode number if applicable so the team can verify it
    • Make sure to include a link to your anime suggestion
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  • The lists are not intended to be definitive, they are just to help challenge participants find matching anime.

Thank you for your contributions! <3

AWC Community Lists

🏖️ Beaches - any anime in which the characters visit the beach.

🏹 Bow & Arrow - any anime that features a character that uses a bow and arrow. Crossbows are included.

🌸 Cherry Blossoms - any anime with a scene featuring cherry blossoms or sakura.

🎄 Christmas - any anime with a Christmas-themed scene or episode featuring festive imagery or activities.

💔 Crunchyroll x Funimation - anime that was formerly part of the Crunchyroll x Funimation Partnership. Read more about it here: Funimation / Crunchyroll.

👹 Festivals - any anime in which the characters attend a Japanese festival (matsuri). This often involves food stalls, entertainment, games, fireworks, a shrine visit or a parade.

🎇 Fireworks - any anime that features fireworks! Firecrackers and sparklers are included.

🔮 Fortune Telling - any anime with a scene that involves fortune telling, where a character predicts another characters's future through the use of a crystal ball, tarot cards, astrology, palm reading or a séance, etc. Also includes any fortune-teller characters.

💈️ Hair Antenna - any anime that features a character with a hair antenna. It can be a single ahoge ("idiot hair") or multiple hair antennae strands.

♨️ Hot Springs - any anime in which the characters visit a hot spring or bathhouse.

📽️ Live Action Version - any anime that has a live-action version or adaptation within the franchise, such as a live-action movie, TV drama, or theatrical performance. Live-action music videos, anime with live-action scenes, or OPs/EDs are not included.

👸 Ojou-sama - any anime that features an Ojou character. Ojou are wealthy, high-class female characters that may be stuck-up, demanding and have an army of servants or fans. Read more about types of Ojou here. "OOOOOOH OH OH OH!" (Ojou laugh)

🐧 Penguins - any anime that contains a penguin.

🏊 Pools - any anime in which the characters visit the swimming pool. Includes indoor pools, outdoor pools, inflatable pools, lake resorts and waterparks.

🏫 School Cultural Festivals - any anime that features a school festival. This usually involves students and clubs demonstrating their creative talents in the form of classroom cafes, a haunted house, various performances, sporting events and club stalls.

🎍 Shishi-odoshi - any anime that contains a shishi-odoshi, a kind of bamboo water fountain that is traditionally used for warding away wildlife. Also known as "that thing that goes DONK!"

⛩️ Shrines & Torii - any anime in which the characters visit a shrine or that contains a torii gate.

Star Symbols - any anime that contains a star symbol in its title, such as ★ or ☆. All titles listed on AniList are included: English, Japanese, Romaji and any listed synonyms.

💰 Wealthy Characters - any anime that features a character who is overtly wealthy and high-class, or exceptionally rich in comparison to the other characters.

🕊️ Wings - any anime that features a character that has wings of any kind. Includes angels, fairies, birds, dragons, robots, aliens, hybrids and other creatures. The wings may also be part of a costume. Piloted mecha and vehicles do not count, but autonomous machines do.

⛷️ Winter Sports - any anime in which the characters participate in winter sports.

Please message @AWC directly, do not reply to this post with suggestions as they will be easily missed. Thank you! <3