Rating Methodology

10 point scale, influenced mostly by the experience as a whole but also forgiving. things like cgi, cop out scenes (i.e. a fight technically happening off screen) aren't deal breakers but excessive use does get distracting. i'm not here to watch a powerpoint presentation lol

S (score 9-10): exceeded expectations, a surprise hit with me, emotionally enthralling or puts on a master class in an aspect of anime i enjoy. would recommend to anyone.

A (score: 7-8): a strong candidate for a S with some drawbacks or mistakes. was still an enjoyable watch but would only recommend this tier of anime with stipulations.

B (score: 5-6): a passing grade. had some trouble but is ultimately redeemed by one or two aspects. this is the lowest grade i usually give to a series i finish.

C (score: 3-4): a struggle to finish. stumbles left and right with little redemption in terms of its objectives. a bad taste left in my mouth, not worth recommending.

D (score: 1-2): i probably only finished this ironically.

F 0: a boku no pico remake by studio deen and dubbed by 4kids.

X: this.