I think I'll have a bit of explaining to do with either my parents or the police once these two figures arrive ^^" And this time they'll probably disinherit me for real (jk, but it's gonna be a pain in the ass). Just one of the moments in which I wished I would already live in my own apartment, instead of studying while still living at home


fbi open up


What about living in your own apartment but send everything to your parents home?(with a father that opens everything)


@TheAfficio That's exactly the opposite of what I want >.< Seriously, I always try to get rid of any signs that I got another package with a new figure inside, before he gets home, so that he can't say anything against it (though I'm 20 y/o, so maybe I should just stop caring about what he says)


Same here... If your parents already know you order figures then there is nothing to hide