And there is another site I can use that works too except it practically punishes you for binge watching by triggering abuse protection nonsense after you click on 3 episodes of an anime. Of course you have to click on them in rapid succession but still thats a silly thing to put on an anime site.

Whatever, its an illegal site. Cant be too picky


Good site.


Might as well just commit to downloading/torrenting. I'm sure you could find a site or to right nyaa-ow.


I second torrents. Higher quality most of the time, more variety, can watch offline, no buffering...


There's also variety. You're just fucked if you're searching for an obscure series, though.


Depends on where you look, it's not too hard to find an obscure series


I will consider torrenting more than streaming. Steamig has been pissing me off lately. And I jsut want to watch anime. Is that too much to ask. Also if I was you guys, Id take the names of those sites off. We an talk about using illegal sites just cant name the sites.