I absolutely hate this dynamic, it's really difficult to watch, and made me not care in the slightest about their relationship. Also, neither of their actions made sense to me, which frustrated me a lot. Taiga Aisaka especially seemed a bit incoherent and completely unreasonable. (I can see that most of that was intentional, but I still don't like watching someone act this way.)


I can understand how you feel, I don't like the tsundere trope at all; but I still liked this anime. I suggest giving it a few episodes and decide if you wanna watch more. But then again, its completely up to you.


I watched the first episode and thought it was pretty bad but once I got to episode 4 it wasn’t that bad but still not that good


I am still in the middle of this, since something like 1 year... I found it boring although not bad (but not good either). It's your average harem school romcom. The animation was pretty good though, iirc.