I use a 10 score rating system and rate shows by enjoyment and i never drop any shows. Every show is more or less watchable, but enjoyable shows start with 5, shows with re watch value start from 6, and my recommendations start from 7. If a show is in the Favorites it means its the best of the best.

1- Absolute waste of time.
2- Terrible, boring, wonder why someone would make this.
3- Very bad, the show tried to pick my interest, but i lost it very fast.
4- Bad, there where some good points but majority was bad.
5- Average, had some fun watching it but has no re watch value.
6- Fine, acceptable level of enjoyment but with low or no re watch value.
7- Good and enjoyable show with a low re watch value.
8- Very good show with a medium re watch value.
9- Awesome show almost pure enjoyment, has a high re watch value.
10- Perfect, masterpiece call it what you want, super enjoyable show with a very high re watch value.