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In the world where the taste and texture of food are very important there is Toriko, a hunter of precious foods regularly hired by restaurants and the rich. A man with inhuman skills to capture the ferocious, evasive and rare animals to complete his ultimate dinner course and then the chef Komatsu, his current accomplice: a weak timid person who was inspired by Toriko's greatness and accompanies him on all his journeys on his quest for the course of his life.

Episode 1 - Arrival on the Gourmet Island! The Gourmet Hunter Toriko Appears!
Episode 2 - The Undiscovered Giant Beast! Toriko, Capture a Gararagator!
Episode 3 - The Well Mellowed 7-Colored Fruit Juice! Pick the Rainbow Fruit!
Episode 4 - Prepare It! the Poisonous Puffer Whale! the Heavenly King Coco Appears!
Episode 5 - The Deadly Cave Battle! Fire, Five-Fold Spiked Punch!
Episode 6 - The Knocking Master! Time to Taste the Puffer Whale!
Episode 7 - The Strongest Wolf That Ever Lived! The Battle Wolf Is Reborn!
Episode 8 - The Threat Appears! Rumble at the Gourmet Coliseum!
Episode 9 - That Which Is Passed Down! Activate, Gourmet Cells!
Episode 10 - The Man Who Has an Invincible Domain! His Name Is Sunny!
Episode 11 - Regal Isle Dash! Search for the Jewel Meat!
Episode 12 - The Devils' Game! Clear the Devils' Playground!
Episode 13 - The Ultimate Backup! Clash, Coco Vs. GT Robot!
Episode 14 - The Threat Of Deadly Poison! Coco's Formula For Victory!
Episode 15 - The Unyielding aesthetic! Sunny's Manly Battle!
Episode 16 - Rin's Final Wish! Awaken, Super Toriko!
Episode 17 - Super Toriko, the Fists of Anger! This Is the Strongest Spike Punch!
Episode 18 - The Taste Written in His DNA! Toriko, Search for the BB Corn!
Episode 19 - The Talent of Battle! Show Me, Terry, King in the Making!
Episode 20 - For Terry's Sake! Burst by Broiling Heat, BB Corn!
Episode 21 - The Gourmet Corp. Assassin! the Moment Toriko's Techniques Evolve!
Episode 22 - Pressure of Madness! Grinpatch vs. Toriko!
Episode 23 - The Amusement Park of Eating! the Bellyfull City, Gourmet Town!
Episode 24 - Dreamtime! Setsuno's Century Soup!
Episode 25 - Meeting at the Saloon! Rivalry Between Gourmet Hunters!
Episode 26 - Challenge of the Gourmet Hunter Army! Disembarking at Freezing Hell!
Episode 27 - Hurry While It's Hot! a Survival Race On Ice!
Episode 28 - The Explosive Fire Shakes Ice Mountain! the Identity of the Masked Man!
Episode 29 - Glorious Bug Tamer! Tommyrod vs Toriko!
Episode 30 - Gratitude and Pride! Takimaru's Full-Out Corkscrew Shot!
Episode 31 - Settled! Match and Takimaru's Desperate Attacks!
Episode 32 - The Gourmet Reviver and the Legendary Soup's Location!
Episode 33 - Head-on Fight! Fierce Battle! Toriko vs. Tommyrod!
Episode 34 - Ultimate Desperation! Tommyrod's Full-Power Mode Explodes!
Episode 35 - Wondrous Power! Gourmet Reviver Teppei Joins the Battle!
Episode 36 - The Last Drop! Who Will Get the Century Soup?!
Episode 37 - Farewell, Ice Hell! Granny Setsu's Hidden Power!
Episode 38 - Splendid Healing! Here Comes the Gourmet Reviver, Yosaku!
Episode 39 - Race to Finish! Will It Be Toriko's Recovery, or Komatsu's Soup?!
Episode 40 - To the World of Ultimate Bliss! Taste the Century Soup!
Episode 41 - Housewarming Party! Everyone Gather at the Sweets House!
Episode 42 - The Gourmet King Championship! Search for the Ultimate Sweets!
Episode 43 - Bonding Dish! Partners Are Forever!
Episode 44 - White Hot! Toriko vs. the IGO President!
Episode 45 - Vegetable Garden in the Heavens! Vegetable Sky!
Episode 46 - Discovery! the King of Vegetables, Ozone Grass!
Episode 47 - Confession in the Heavens! the Formation of the Invincible Duo!
Episode 48 - Shocking Encounter! a Mysterious Life Form Appears!
Episode 49 - Toriko Rushes in! the Truth of the Gourmet World!
Episode 50 - Enter the Astounding Ringer! The True Meaning of a Partner!
Episode 51 - The Reunion of Toriko and Luffy! Find the Seafood Fruit!
Episode 52 - Shock! the Broken Kitchen Knife and Cutler Melk!
Episode 53 - Tension! Toriko's Knife Versus Melk's Knife!
Episode 54 - Supergravity! Conquer Heavy Hole!
Episode 55 - Hidden Truth! the First Melk Appears!
Episode 56 - Debut! the Second Generation's Succession and Melk Stardust!
Episode 57 - A Work Made With All Her Might! the Completed Melk Knife!
Episode 58 - Super Celeb! Once in a Lifetime Gourmet Carriage Journey!
Episode 59 - Finally, He Appears! the Last of the Four Kings, Zebra!
Episode 60 - Unleashed Roar! Death Row Zebra's Release!
Episode 61 - Warning! Zebra Has Disembarked at the Sand Garden!
Episode 62 - Komatsu Disappears! Devilish Desert Labyrinth!
Episode 63 - The Sealed Voice! The Other-Dimensional Gourmet Pyramid!
Episode 64 - Astounding! the Mysterious Ancient Manuscript and the Creature Inside the Coffin!
Episode 65 - Shocking Showdown! Salamander Sphinx!
Episode 66 - Cooperative Cooking! Komatsu Manages Toriko and Zebra!
Episode 67 - Explosion of Combination Techniques! We Get the World's Best Cola!
Episode 68 - The Truth Revealed! Komatsu's Will and the Identity of the Mysterious Creature!
Episode 69 - Surpass Dad! Midsummer Gobbling Katsu Curry!
Episode 70 - The Ties That Bind! Superb Gobbling Katsu Curry
Episode 71 - New Phase! Toriko's Decision and the Reunion With 'Him'!
Episode 72 - Food Luck Runneth Over! Pilgrimage to the Gourmet Shrine!
Episode 73 - Uwaaa! Astonishing Stun Apple!
Episode 74 - Chicken Beast's Egg! the Memories of Old Man Yocchi and His Wife!
Episode 75 - Glittering Crystal! Shining Gourami!
Episode 76 - Shocking Rapids! Giant Waterfall, Death Falls!
Episode 77 - Sunny's New Attack! the Result of Gorgeous Training!
Episode 78 - Thirty Times Combo! Thirty-Six-Fold Twin Spiked Punch!
Episode 79 - Cooking by Intuition! Komatsu and the Shining Gourami!
Episode 80 - Flashy Presentation! Supreme Service With a Meal!
Episode 81 - Supreme Chitose Ame! Komatsu and Yun's Tale!
Episode 82 - Assemble On Autumn Mountain! Terry, Yun, Kiss, Queen!
Episode 83 - Reunion! Take-chan of Fairytale Castle!
Episode 84 - Crossroads! a Chef's Destination!
Episode 85 - Dramatic Transformation! Hair Salon Barber Gourmet!
Episode 86 - Gathering of the Four Kings! a Midwinter Night's Miracle!
Episode 87 - Merry Feastmas! Gourmet Santa's Present!
Episode 88 - Heaven or Hell?! Storming Into the Gourmet Casino!
Episode 89 - Enter: The Boss of the Underground Cooking World, Livebearer!
Episode 90 - Life and Death Card Game! Gourmet Tasting!
Episode 91 - Dead Heat! Coco vs. Livebearer!
Episode 92 - Coco’s Gambit! the Ingredients That Determine Victory or Defeat!
Episode 93 - Eat or Be Eaten! Toriko vs. Hanya Panda!
Episode 94 - Climax! the Last, Most Terrible Ingredients!
Episode 95 - The Moment of Truth! Coco's Daring Scenario!
Episode 96 - A Taste That's Out of This World! Eating the Meteor Garlic!
Episode 97 - Showdown at the Summit! Ichiryu Versus Midora of the Gourmet Corp.!
Episode 98 - Hidden Training Ingredient! Emergency Instruction from Ichiryu!
Episode 100 - The Four Kings Assemble to Mark the 100th Episode!
Episode 101 - Toriko Faints in Agony?! Capture the World's Stinkiest Ingredient!
Episode 102 - Too Huge! The Giant Fortune Roll, Completed with a Pro Wrestling Move!
Episode 103 - Put Your Hands Together and Bow! Gourmet National Treasure, Chin Chin-Chin, Appears!
Episode 104 - People Without Gratitude Aren't Welcome! Terrifying Chowlin Temple!
Episode 105 - Toriko Totally Defeated?! The Delicate and Dynamic Power of Honoring the Food!
Episode 106 - Gratitude is What Counts! The Secret to Honoring the Food!
Episode 107 - Approaching Threat! Hurry, Toriko! The Path to the Bubble Fruit!
Episode 108 - Tragedy! The End of Chowlin Temple! Farewell, Komatsu!
Episode 109 - Unrivaled Strength! The One who Mastered Honoring the Food!
Episode 110 - "National Treasure Class" One Stroke 100 Million Yen Technique! Toriko vs Granny Chiyo!
Episode 111 - The Legendary Ingredient, "Center"! Ichiryu and the Strongest Biotope, 0!
Episode 112 - Legendary Bee, Infinibee! Toriko vs New-style GT Robot!
Episode 113 - Showing True Ability! A Taste of Komatsu's Honoring the Food! The "Phantom Noodles", All-Noodles!
Episode 114 - The Four Kings Assemble! The Gourmet World Monsters, the Four-Beasts, Awaken!
Episode 115 - A Battle with the Existence of the Human Race on the Line! The Four-Beasts vs. the Four Kings!
Episode 116 - Toriko, Coco, Sunny, Zebra! The Four Kings' Storming Onslaught!
Episode 117 - Toriko's New Crisis! The Creeping Main Body of the Four-Beasts!
Episode 118 - The Four-Beasts' Shocking Combined Form and Green Rain!
Episode 119 - The Four Kings' Toughest Predicament! Komatsu's Resolve!
Episode 120 - Save Humankind with Miraculous Gourmet Luck!
Episode 121 - Burst! Curiosity about the Flavor! The Four Kings' Combined Skill!
Episode 122 - Secret Technique: Meal Fit for a King
Episode 123 - The Upcoming Festival! Dangerous Wriggling Critters!
Episode 124 - Toriko vs. the Monster of the Gourmet World, Mon Plan!
Episode 125 - Toriko's New Attack, "Nail Gun"
Episode 126 - Inevitable Turmoil?! The Cooking Fest Begins!
Episode 127 - Komatsu is in a Pinch?! Triathlon Cooking!
Episode 128 - Enter Legendary Chef Brunch the Tengu!
Episode 129 - Playing Dirty! Roaring Ahead! Brunch Overtakes Everybody in a Single Spurt!
Episode 130 - Live or Die? Death in the Balance Cooking!
Episode 131 - Who are the Strongest Partners? Whole Island Cooking!
Episode 132 - The Outbreak of War! Gourmet Corp.'s Fierce Full-scale Offensive!
Episode 133 - Protect Komatsu! Toriko vs. Starjun!
Episode 134 - Savage Battle! Toriko's Strongest Attack!
Episode 135 - Climactic Battle! IGO versus Gourmet Corp.!
Episode 136 - Worst Trump Card! The Gourmet World Monster, "Nitro"!
Episode 137 - Mortal Combat! Coco vs. Grinpatch!
Episode 138 - Duel! Sunny vs. Tommyrod!
Episode 139 - The End is Here! Sunny's Final Power!
Episode 140 - Counterattack! Zebra Starts Up!
Episode 141 - Toriko Strikes Back! Ultimate Routine!
Episode 142 - The Greatest Enemy in History! "Joie" Appears!
Episode 143 - Shock! The True Identity of the Mastermind, "Joie"!
Episode 144 - The Beginning of the End! Toriko vs. Joie!
Episode 145 - Resuscitation Strike! The Four Kings' Ultimate Skill!
Episode 146 - Be Heard, Komatsu's Scream! Toriko is Revived!
Episode 147 - Toriko and Komatsu Embark on a New Voyage!