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Shi Wan Ge Leng Xiao Hua 2 (movie)

A very powerful "Magic Wand" is stolen by one of the four gods Shen La. To avoid the fate of the destruction of the galaxy greek god Zeus sends his daughter Athena to track down the "Magic Wand."

Xiao Jin Gang is an ordinaryboy raised in an orphanage. He is a con artist and deoends on it as a living and also to help his ill childhood friend Xiao Qing's medical fees.

In an accident Xiao Jin Gang got hold of (a device that shows)the whereabouts of the "Magic Wand." Then he is ambushed by the god of thunder-Thor. During combat the device is destroyed, making Xiao Jin Gang the only person who knows the whereabouts of the "Magic Wand."

And just like this Xiao Jin Gang, Athena, Thor and an Alpheus ...

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