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Digimon Xros Wars: Aku no Death General to Nanatsu no Oukoku

Returning to the Digital World, Taiki and Shoutmon learn that the Bagra Army has taken it over and reformatted the world to have Seven Kingdoms, each ruled by a general.

(Source: AniDB)

Episode 1 - Taiki Goes to Another World!
Episode 2 - Shoutmon Roars!
Episode 3 - The Rival, Kiriha, Appears!
Episode 4 - Upheaval in the Island Zone!
Episode 5 - The DigiMemory Shines!
Episode 6 - X4 Breaks Through the Crisis!
Episode 7 - A Volcanic Digimon's Big Explosion!
Episode 8 - The Brave General Tactimon Approaches!
Episode 9 - Dorulumon Runs with the Wind!
Episode 10 - Taiki Becomes a Knight!
Episode 11 - Burn, Xros Heart!
Episode 12 - Big Adventure in the Sand Zone Ruins!
Episode 13 - Taiki, Warrior of the Goddess!
Episode 14 - The Dance of the Warrior, Beelzebumon!
Episode 15 - Heaven Zone, A Trap in Paradise!
Episode 16 - The Black Knight Digimon Appears!
Episode 17 - A Miraculous DigiXros! Shoutmon X5 Takes Flight!
Episode 18 - Stingmon, Hero of the Digimon Jungle
Episode 19 - The Legendary Deckerdramon Stirs!
Episode 20 - Dust Zone, GrandLocomon's Great Scrap City!
Episode 21 - The Decisive Battle! DarkKnightmon vs. Xros Heart!
Episode 22 - Wisemon and the Secrets of the Digital World!
Episode 23 - Shinobi Zone, the Comic Ninja Battle!
Episode 24 - The Underachieving Monitamons Give It Their All!
Episode 25 - A Zone Collapses! Sparks Fly Between Taiki and Kiriha!
Episode 26 - Shoutmon and the Proof of a King!
Episode 27 - Sweets Zone! The Battle of the Sweet Tooth Digimon!
Episode 28 - Ultimate Weapon Activated! You Can Do It, Cutemon!
Episode 29 - Taiki and Kiriha VS The Bagra Army: The Full-Scale Showdown!
Episode 30 - The Start of a New Journey!! The Great Tokyo Showdown!!
Episode 31 - To a New World! The Fire Fury General's Dragon Land
Episode 32 - Stand Up, Kiriha! Xros Heart's Rescue Strategy
Episode 33 - Spine-tingling! The Moon Light General's Vampire Land
Episode 34 - Don't Die, Greymon! The Birth of Shoutmon DX
Episode 35 - Power is Absorbed! The Hunters of Honey Land
Episode 36 - The Laughing Hunter! General Zamielmon the Wood Spirit
Episode 37 - Why, Brother, Why?! The Enemy General Yuu's Nightmare
Episode 38 - The Mysterious Cyber Land! The Girl of the Steel City
Episode 39 - Xros Heart in Danger of Division! The Water Tiger General's Despicable Trap!
Episode 40 - The Merry Pirates Appear! Set Sail for Gold Land!!
Episode 41 - Olegmon the Gold Thief Laughs! Farewell, Xros Heart!
Episode 42 - Whispering to Kiriha! The Earth God General of the Canyon, The Devil's Temptation!
Episode 43 - With Strong Love! Deckerdramon's Final Shout!!
Episode 44 - X7 of Friendship! The Epic Battle with Gravimon!!
Episode 45 - The Final Kingdom, Bright Land of the Shining Sun
Episode 46 - Life or Death, Hell's Battle of the Generals!
Episode 47 - Taiki vs. Yuu, the Boy Generals Face Off!!
Episode 48 - Beelzebumon Vanishes Into the Light!
Episode 49 - Taiki's Decision! Surpass Apollomon, the Strongest of All!
Episode 50 - Reborn! All Seven Death Generals Appear!!
Episode 51 - For the Future of the Digital World! Friendship with the Death Generals!
Episode 52 - The Bagra Brothers' Bond of Darkness!
Episode 53 - Drawing Nigh! The End of the Human World, D5!!
Episode 54 - DigiXros of Glory, Take Hold of Our Future!!