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Cat Ninden Teyandee

The setting is a Japanese looking village named `Little Tokyo' where the Pizza Cats run a pizza fastfood business. Little Tokyo is populated by all kinds of animals. The official governor of the town is the Emperor, but since he has gone bananas a council takes care of the well-being of the village. One of the members of this council is called Seymour "Big" Cheese, who secretly wishes to take over control of the village. The pizza take away restaurant is merely a cover for their true job... Whenever evil is afoot, the Pizza Cats are launched towards the danger from the gun-lookalike clock tower that emerges from the top of their restaurant.

(Source: ANN)

Episode 1 - Secret Ninja Trio Nyankee Dispatch!
Episode 2 - The Town Is Full of Sushi! Panic!
Episode 3 - Dig a Deep Hole and Dig Some More!
Episode 4 - Have Problems? Buy the Cards of Happiness!
Episode 5 - An Idol is Born? A Honeyed Trap in Show Business
Episode 6 - Exploration! A Playground for a Precocious Princess!
Episode 7 - Is it True!? Karamaru Becomes a Hero?
Episode 8 - Is it Dreadful? Lord Korn's Big Secret
Episode 9 - The Princess is Excited! Everybody Else Panics!
Episode 10 - Listen up! These are the Nyankees!
Episode 11 - The Bullied Boy's Father is a Gifted Inventor!?
Episode 12 - Unusual Play, Wonderful Play! The Nyankees' Weakness?
Episode 13 - The Nyankees Defeated? Appearance of the Four Dark Ninjas!
Episode 14 - Upgrade! The Nyankees Take to the Skies!
Episode 15 - Wish! Lord Korn wants to be Popular!
Episode 16 - Deceit! The Shogun is an Imposter!?
Episode 17 - Where? The Disappearing Professor
Episode 18 - Courtship, Courting Challenges on the Baseball Diamond
Episode 19 - Double Date! Double Danger!
Episode 20 - Eh!? Pururun's Debutante Declaration!
Episode 21 - Boom Boom! A Tanuki Makes a Fuss!
Episode 22 - Pizza Crows, Limited Express Delivery?
Episode 23 - Crash! Who's the Secret Movie Star?
Episode 24 - Strange? Lord Korn has a Baby!?
Episode 25 - Cute? Yattaro Turns Into a Girl!
Episode 26 - A Big Adventure! Search for the Cure-All Bird
Episode 27 - Unpleasant! Banished to the Prison Island?
Episode 28 - Can it be? The Nyankees are Disbanded?!
Episode 29 - Exposed!? The Nyankees' Secret Identity!
Episode 30 - Legendary Idol? Skashee Dispatched
Episode 31 - Karamaru in Pain! A Ninja's Love
Episode 32 - The Origin of Pururun's Flute
Episode 33 - Mysterious?! A Friend from the Stars!
Episode 34 - A Plan for Certain Victory! The Karakara Clan is Strong!
Episode 35 - Sagase! Nekkie's Lakeside Disappearance!
Episode 36 - The Burning Passion of Youth! Plus the Return of the Professor
Episode 37 - Really!? Yattaro Dies at Dusk!
Episode 38 - Defeat Karamaru! Tears, Tears of a Big Revival
Episode 39 - Hello! Yattaro Flies Abroad!
Episode 40 - UFO!? Nyankees vs Aliens!
Episode 41 - Touching! Mother Returns Home!
Episode 42 - A Big, Confusing Fight at the Hot Spring?
Episode 43 - Everybody's Coming! A Tournament to Decide Who's #1!
Episode 44 - Trouble! Masamasa's Been Stolen!
Episode 45 - Disappointment! The Misery of Lord Korn!
Episode 46 - The Nyankees are Trapped in Time!
Episode 47 - They Appear! Nyankee Imposters!
Episode 48 - Nyankee Santas Take to the Skies!
Episode 49 - Tired! Yattaro is Banished to the Prison Island!
Episode 50 - Gennari's "WAHAHA" Big Plan!
Episode 51 - Frightening! Lord Korn's Big Plan!
Episode 52 - Lord Korn's Biggest Operation Ever!
Episode 53 - Tomorrow Will Be Another Fine Day!
Episode 54 - Nyankees Forever!