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Hero Bank

The anime centers around Kaito, an elementary school boy who is suddenly burdened with 10 billion yen (about US$100 million) in debt one day. The only way he can pay off the debt is to master "Hero-Gi" (downloaded off the net) and win matches in "Hero Battle," a new-generation cyber sport. The tagline of the game "Change your money with justice!"

(Source: ANN)

Episode 1 - Clang Clang, Enter the Gold Appears!!
Episode 2 - Big Sniping Cleanup Nagare Amano's Determination!!
Episode 3 - Aim for Ten Billion Yen! The Hero Wars Curtain Rises!!
Episode 4 - Perilous! Kaito's Regent!
Episode 5 - Burst Angler! A Meeting with Piscesamurai!!
Episode 6 - Big Detention Panic! Black Cat Shadow Kitty!!
Episode 7 - Big Money Company Breakup! Tea Picking Battle Royale!
Episode 8 - Blue Impact! The Dominion Dollar!!
Episode 9 - Looks Like a Traveler in Trouble!
Episode 10 - Protect It! Steamy Hot Springs Job Switch Shock!!
Episode 11 - 100 Bullseyes Out of 100! A Big Riot at the Fortune-telling Battle, Though!!
Episode 12 - Man of Steel! Kintetsu!
Episode 13 - Flash Descent! Deborah Kizaki!!
Episode 14 - Trillion Swiftness! Enter the Speed!!
Episode 15 - Off-site Sprint! Catch Up, Overtake, Uproot!!
Episode 16 - Stormy Transfer Student! Li-Chi Long!!
Episode 17 - Round 2! Adults Have Their Own Big Problems!!
Episode 18 - Heavy Attire! The Dostorbrewski!!
Episode 19 - Merciless! The All-powerful Ura Dragon's Rampage!!
Episode 20 - Drastic Measures! Nagare vs. Isshin!!
Episode 21 - The Semifinal! Even If You're Broke, Smiles Are Free!!
Episode 22 - Final Round! Gold VS Dominion!!
Episode 23 - Battle of the Century! Challenge Segalion!!
Episode 24 - Cash Extinction! The Money Ghost's Counterattack!!
Episode 25 - Mega Explosive Birth! Enter the Hero!!
Episode 26 - Conclusion! The First and Last Big Brawl!!
Episode 27 - The Money Fairy! Boochokkin Ka-ching!!
Episode 28 - Friend or Foe?! Sekito Sakurada!!
Episode 29 - Money is Power! Ryuuga Tennouji Makes Landfall!!
Episode 30 - Take Down the Seven Gods of Suits! Kaito's a Special Agent!!
Episode 31 - Osaka Business Trip! That Man is Taiga!!
Episode 32 - Business Partnership! It's Ryouma Ishin!!
Episode 33 - Ultra Evolution! Enter the Prize!!
Episode 34 - Searing Hot Revenge! Kaito vs. Ryuuga!!
Episode 35 - Absolute Obedience! Do as Torai-sama Says!!
Episode 36 - Okinawa Business Trip! The Money of the Dead!!
Episode 37 - Strongest Tag-team Formation! Kaito and Sekito!!
Episode 38 - Hiroshima Business Trip! Honorless Money Battle!!
Episode 39 - Seizure Robo! King Benten!!
Episode 40 - Frugality is Justice! The Nagoya Cheapskate Battle!!
Episode 41 - To Tohoku! Toilet Recovery Mission!!
Episode 42 - Castaways! Big Money Company Assemble!!
Episode 43 - A Shock! Kaito Has Amnesia!!
Episode 44 - Cyber Spirit World! The Kaito Rescue Mission!!
Episode 45 - Best of the Best! The Prize Yen Dragon!!
Episode 46 - Promotion! What is Sekito the Head of?!
Episode 47 - Risky Battle! Rescue Sekito Sakurada!!
Episode 48 - The Last of the Seven Gods of Suits! The Risky Life!!
Episode 49 - Astonishing! Butt-naked in a Money Tornado!!
Episode 50 - Union of Friendship! The Yen-Dollar Million!!
Episode 51 - Smiles Are Free! We Are Big Money Company!!