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Nihon Animator Mihonichi

Japan Anima(tor)'s Exhibition is the showcase of the animations produced by various directors with love and energy, which are planned from original projects, spin-off projects, promotional films, Music PV, and VJ Films etc...

#01: The Dragon Dentist (Directed by Outarou Maijou)
#02: HILL CLIMB GIRL (Directed by Azuma Tani)
#03: ME!ME!ME! (Directed by Hibiki Yoshizaki)
#04: Carnage (Directed by Akira Honma)
#05: Yoshikazu Yasuhiko & Ichiro Itano: Collection of Key Animation Films (collection of key animation from 1979's Mobile Suit Gundam)
#06: 20min Walk From Nishi-Ogikubo Station, 2 Bedrooms, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, 2mos Deposit, No Pets Allowed (Directed by Takeshi ...

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