Top 10 Horror Anime of 2015



Slice of Life, Supernatural, Psychological, Horror, Mystery

The story revolves around four girls who decide to stay over at school: the energetic Yuki Takeya, the shovel-loving Kurumi Ebisuzawa, the center of the group Yuuri Wakasa, who brings everyone together, and Megumi Sakura, the spacey school adviser. However, through mysterious circumstances, the girls find themselves the final survivors in a zombie attack, and continue to live at the school.

(Source: ANN)


2. Tokyo Ghoul: JACK

Drama, Horror, Supernatural

The story follows how the ace investigator Arima and the talented 7th Ward investigator Taishi Fura first met.

(Source: ANN)


3. Ajin: Shoudou

Adventure, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural, Action

17 years ago, immortals first appeared on the battlefields of Africa. Later, rare, unknown new immortal lifeforms began appearing among humans, and they became known as "Ajin" (demi-humans). Just before summer vacation, a Japanese high school student is instantly killed in a traffic accident on his way home from school. However, he is revived, and a price is placed on his head. Thus begins a boy's life on the run from all of humankind.

(Source: ANN)


4. Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto

Drama, Horror, Supernatural

A prequel to Tokyo Ghoul that follows how Shuu Tsukiyama and Chie Hori met.


5. Tokyo Ghoul √A

Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural, Action, Drama

The second season of Tokyo Ghoul.


6. Kagewani

Mystery, Supernatural, Horror, Thriller

Mysterious monsters that appear and attack in present time. The people can only be played with by them in this extreme situation. Why do these monsters appear to attack people...? Sousuke Banba, a scientist, searches for the truth with the keyword "Kagewani" A new feeling of panic suspense animation begins. (Source: MAL News)


7. Kurayami Santa

Horror, Supernatural

Kurayami Santa is set in 1960s Kyushu. The show centers around Santa, a familiar from hell who is charged with maintaining the border between hell and the human world. Santa's mission has him crossing paths with many humans and supernatural creatures.

(Source: ANN)


8. Kowabon


Kowabon, a horror story, will be animated using a technique called rotoscoping. Animators will trace live-action footage frame-by-frame to recreate it as animation.

(Source: MAL News)


9. Zonmi-chan: Halloween☆Special Movie!

Comedy, Horror

A Halloween special starring Zonmi-chan. A soldier is being chased by several Zonmi-chan zombies. He shoots at them but is ultimately caught.


10. Kokuhaku


A short animation by Nagao Takena.

(Source: MAL)

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