Top 10 Horror Manga of 1991

1. Lucifer

Supernatural, Horror

2. Boku to Furio to Koutei de

Mystery, Horror, Sci-Fi

A collection of some of Daijiro Morohoshi's works, spanning the years 1981 to 1990.

1) Hakobune ga Kita Hi (1983)
2) Nanpasen (1982)
3) Chinjunomori (1983)
4) Boku to Furio to Koutei de (1983)
5) Numa no Kodomo (1982)
6) Ryusa (1982)
7) Kuroishi-tou Satsujin Jiken (1982)
8) Shiro (1990)
9) Aoi Mure (1981)
10) Kage no Machi (1985)

3. Outer Zone

Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Supernatural

A Twilight Zone/Outer Limits-esque romp through the occult and supernatural led by your elven-eared hostess, Misery.

4. Monster Circus


"The Great Dark Circus descends from a rotten, cursed, demon-related lineage. Every sin, every flaw and every torment from men are represented in our show.

Come and watch, meet the tragedy of the ventriloquist mother, the secret of the butterfly princess and the angst of the mist-man...

Going into the roaming black tent of the Great Dark Circus is acceding to the magic of its phenomena, and that magic will be the source of our misfortune, because we are all of them."

Source: My Anime List

5. Shinrei Taiken: Jikkenshitsu no Mariko


1. Tennis club members stayed at school for summer training camp. One night, a couple of members gather and do test of courage in school lab that have a rumor about a ghost of girl who hanged herself.

2. Chiho stopped a boy from trying to hurt his eyes. At that time she was puzzled by his reaction when she stopped him but now she understand the reason because she herself want to hurt her eyes.

6. Jinrou Densetsu

Horror, Romance, Supernatural

Story 1: One day, Wako received a strange letter from her childhood friend, Fumio. Curious about what happen she went back to their village.

Story 2: Akiha is happy because she can finally have her own room when her family move into a new house. But her happiness changes when a lot of strange things started to happen in the house.

7. Keikoku: Akuma no Fukkatsu

Comedy, Drama, Horror

Story 1: Hara Toko is a host for a supernatural TV Show eventhough she didn't believe in supernatural. One day she receive a letter from one of her fans who asked for her help.

Story 2: After she was rescued from a plane accident, she started to feel that someone call out to her to bring her "home".

Story 3: Takano Hanae used to live happily together with her sister's kid until an accident happened that took the kid's life. After the accident she acts like she didn't care about the kd and claimed that she actually hate the kid.

Story 4: A comedy story about a boy who got a new step sister who is a Gorgon, with snake hairs and can turn people who saw her into a stone statue.

8. Darkness Psycho

Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

A mysterious blind man named Kiryuu Kou with supernatural power meeets up with mysterious girl with unexplain power to solves puzzled cases.

9. Kanaerareta Negai

Horror, Supernatural

If you have a wish you want to come true, then catch a demon! When the clock strikes midnight on Friday the 13th with a full moon, place two mirrors facing each other. A demon will walk along the pathway between the two mirrors. At that moment, use the bottle you have prepared to seal it up. If the demon does not grant your wish, it will turn to dust. If you catch a demon, what will you wish for?

(Source: Manga Updates)

10. Bubl


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