Top 10 Mecha Manga of 1995


1. Magic Knight Rayearth II

Adventure, Fantasy, Mecha, Mahou Shoujo, Romance

Hikaru, Fuu, and Umi are once again transported to Cephiro. But, with the Pillar gone, they don't know how they could have been transported back. As they meet up with old friends, they find that Cephiro is know crumbling because they do not have a pillar. They also find that gates from other worlds have opened, and the leaders what the Pillar to themselves for their own selfish reasons. Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu must now set out to save Cephiro form dying.

(Source: ANN)


2. Ashen Victor

Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi

Meet Snev, a hapless motorballer nicknamed the "Crash King." Ever since a traumatic accident on the racetrack, Snev has been running on the edge of sanity. Only his best friend, a beautiful prostitute, still believes in him. Then, when Snev discovers his employers' ulterior motives for keeping him on the motorball circuit, he must muster the courage to confront both them and his inner demons!

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3. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi

After a generation of warfare, the Gundam boys finally secured a peace between Earth and the colonies by helping to defeat the Oz and White Fang armies. Now, out of the rubble, the surviving soldiers are re-emerging and clustering together into new factions. Heero Yuy has become a vigilante pacifist, tracking down weapons stashes and destroying them, while Relena, former Queen of the Earth Sphere, tries to maintain the peace politically. But an unmanned weapons factory has been discovered somewhere near Mars, and now the boys are going to have to dust off their mechs for one more battle to save the tenuous peace.

(Source: Tokyopop)

4. Time Diver Govisor


5. Calm Breaker

Comedy, Mecha

The carefree Toshiya Sakazaki inventor works in the company Kamata, engaged in the production of armaments. Divorced from Chisato Arita, who also works in the same company, Toshiya races against her to see who builds the better war robot.

Sakazaki creates a robot combat with artificial intelligence named Sayuri. She is shaped like a teenager and all that does is arouse the jealousy of Chisato.
Although it has at its disposal a wide range of devastating attacks, Toshiya's error was introduced programs jokes forgetting the main program, the struggle, as Sayuri is not considered a weapon and Chisato advised to go to an institute high school to learn to improve its IA.

The problems come when the company KKK (Kurahashi Kogyo Company of Kabushikigaisha = the company of the cap), a competitor of Kamata, try to destroy Sayuri. This infiltrate a spy, Misaki Hoshino, traps tend to Sayuri.

And from there everything gets out of hand... because many parodies of anime, manga and japanese tv shows are just around the corner.

6. Dominion Conflict One: No More Noise

Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Mecha

Humor is the only defense against insanity in a world where the crime is so bad that the cops need armored tanks! Such is the world of Leona, ace tank-cop. In her pet tank Bonaparte, she'll either save the city of Newport . . . or destroy it trying! In No More Noise, Leona recruits some help to catch some slippery crooks -- help that's rather crooked itself! The villainous and sexy Puma sisters become duly deputized officers of the law in this latest chapter of Dominion!

(Source: Dark Horse)

7. B't X

Action, Adventure, Mecha

Kotaro is a robotics and technology genius who has become the object of an evil group's attention. They want Kotaro to help them build their Machine Empire and beef up their artificially intelligent creations, the B'ts (pronounced "beats"). Once the Empire captures Kotaro, he may have no choice but to work for them, unless his kid brother Teppei can somehow rescue him. But after a powerful B't and its master attack Teppei, it appears Kotaro's last hope is lost. However, Teppei's spilled blood awakens a legendary B't (these evil creatures bond with blood), so Teppei now has one of the most deadly, sentient creatures-the B't X-at his command. Still, the brothers are up against an army from the Machine Empire, and the odds are against them. Even if they survive, B't X isn't keen on going up against another creature from the Machine Empire.

(Source: Tokyopop)

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