Top 10 Mecha Manga of 1998

1. Xenogears 4-koma Comic

Comedy, Mecha, Sci-Fi

A collection of 4-koma comic of the Xenogears game by various authors.

2. Beast Wars II: Super Lifeform Transformers

Action, Adventure, Mecha, Sci-Fi

All across the universe, the forces of the Maximals and Predacons are at war... and the Maximals are on the losing end! At the central headquarters of their army, a Convoy receives report after disastrous report from the battlefield, and thinks of the small team of warriors led by Lio Convoy, fighting to keep the Angolmois energy of the planet Gaea out of the hands of Galvatron...
(Source: Transformers Wiki).

3. Gasaraki

Drama, Mecha, Supernatural

In ancient Japan the Gowa family create a demonic Armor in order to defeat their enemies. Hundreds of years later this armor is exploited by the Gowa in the development of Tactical Armor for military usage and the usurpation of Japan.

4. Cyborg Kuro-chan

Mecha, Sci-Fi

His name is Kuro and he's a cat. His owners are an old couple who live a simple, easygoing life. But because they have money, thieves often try to raid their home. Each time, however, Kuro manages to fight them off. Kuro is a great watch cat.

One day, however, Kuro is shot through with an arrow and whisked away by Doctor Go, an evil scientist. Doctor Go turns Kuro into a cyborg to assist him on his mission to conquer the world.

Doctor Go tries to control Kuro, but Kuro manages to escape. This infuriates the doctor. He feels that Kuro is ungrateful to him. With the help of Mi, another cyborg cat, he thinks of all sorts of ways to capture and kill Kuro.

Kuro has a new, invincible cyborg body, complete with the latest hi-tech weapons. But he also has a warm heart, which is partly what makes this story so loveable.


5. Z Mazinger

Action, Mecha

A retelling of Mazinger Z mixed with ancient Greek mythology with a modern touch.

(Source: MU)

6. Steel Angel Kurumi

Comedy, Mecha, Romance, Sci-Fi

Japan, Taisho Era (1912-1926) - A young priest-in-training named Nakahito Kagura stumbles upon a secret laboratory owned by a scientist named Ayanokouji. There, he discovers Kurumi - a Steel Angel originally designed for advanced military combat. Their lips accidentally meet when an attack by the imperial army rocks the facilities. As a result, the kiss awakens Kurumi, who sees Nakahito as her only master. But with the army on their tail and Kurumi's "sisters" Saki and Karinka awakened, Nakahito, Kurumi and Professor Ayanokouji must run for their lives while trying to find out the truth about the Angel Heart - the source of the Steel Angel's power.
[Taken From ANN]

7. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Ground Zero

Mecha, Sci-Fi

Just when he thought life was returning to normal, Heero Yuy receives a cryptic message from a person claiming to have stolen the Wing Zero and requesting a rendezvous at a remote space station. There he finds the station deserted except for his fellow Gundam pilots all of whom have received similar messages. But only a handful of people are capable of piloting the Wing Zero... As tension and distrust grows, Heero is pitted against his comrades with mind control, assassination, and a loaded gun thrown into the standoff.

8. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Blind Target

Mecha, Sci-Fi

After the events of Gundam Wing, peace still does not come easily. Small rebel factions slowly gain influence and power, and those that were wronged during the war creep out from the woodworks. Relena, a symbol of peace and a primary political figure in the post-war rebuilding efforts, is kidnapped. The five pilots must once again come together in order to protect their fragile peace while simultaneously wrestling with their own morals and motivations.

9. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz

Action, Adventure, Mecha

The year is After Colony 195, and the Gundam boys have taken a stand for eternal peace by deciding to destroy their robotic weapons, Gundams. The peace is broken, however, when Mariemaia Khushrenada, who claims to be the daughter of the late Oz leader Treize, kidnaps Relena and declares a war of independence against the United Earth Sphere Nation. Perhaps it’s time to pull those Gundam units out of retirement.

10. Brain Powered

Adventure, Drama, Mecha, Sci-Fi

The discovery of an alien organic vessel submerged in the ocean reveals a plot to unleash planetary destruction ... a collective of evil scientists called the Reclaimers works to hasten mankind's extinction. As one of Earth's defenders, Hime Utsumiya fights on a team of mecha called Brain Powered's to combat them. Unfortunately the Reclaimers also have these mecha and mankind's fate hangs in the balance ... (Source: Tokyopop)

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