Top 10 Mecha Manga of 2004


1. Voices of a Distant Star

Drama, Mecha, Romance, Sci-Fi

To what distance would you go for your one true love? In the midst of an alien invasion, Mikako joins the resistance, leaving behind the one young man she loves. As she goes deeper into space, Mikako's only connection with her boyfriend is through cell-phone text messages. The war rages on and years pass, but Mikako barely ages in the timelessness of space while Noboru grows old. How can the love of two people, torn apart by war, survive?

(Source: Tokyopop)


2. BLAME! Academy and So On

Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Horror, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi

Welcome to BLAME! Academy and So On, the spinoff set in the same “City” as Tsutomu Nihei’s science-fiction manga classic BLAME! BLAME! Academy and So On is also a parody/comedy about various characters in the main BLAME! storyline set in a traditional Japanese school environment. Various elements of the main BLAME! story are parodied, including the relationship between Killy and Cibo, and Dhomochevsky and Iko.

Consists of:

1. Zeb-Noid
A bloody war that spans millenniums. Two soldiers set out to kill each other. An encounter that could change their two species’ fate forever.

2. Blame Gakuen! (ブラム学園! , Blame Academy!)
Set in the same "City" as Blame!, it is a parody and comedy about various characters in the main Blame! story in a traditional Japanese school setting. Various elements in the main Blame! story are being parodied, including the relationship between Killy and Cibo, and Dhomochevsky and Iko.

3. Blame Gakuen! Kyoto Nara Aiai-gasa (Blame Academy! Kyoto and Nara Under One Umbrella)

4. Blame Gakuen! Sakura Saku Tou no Shita de (Blame Academy! Under the Tower of Blooming Sakura)

5. Kozutsumi (Parcel / Nihei: Abba) - A man looks for his brother.

6. BLAME! NSE (ネットスフィアエンジニア, NSE: Netsphere Engineer) The much-awaited sequel to BLAME! follows a man, called a Dismantler, who is in charge of sub-dividing the nexus towers that incur Safeguard interference upon its detection of humans without the net terminal genes. Although humans are once again able to reside in the Net Sphere, the Safeguard are still a threat. The Dismantler or NSE, or Net Sphere Engineer, goes on a journey to aid mankind in their survival.

7. Pump

8. BLAME!² Dai 8-keishitai Pcell no Toshi Kouzoutai Dasshitsuki (第八系子体プセルの都市構造体脱出記; Chronicle of the Escape from the Megastructure by the Eighth Incarnation of Pcell)
The protagonist is a descendant of Pcell. This story happens a long time after the events of BLAME!. This young silicon creature knows well the havoc that Killy brought and decides to move towards the end of the megastructure, to look for him.

9. Numa no Kami(God of Marsh)

10. Senshi Kouchuu Suzumega (Winged Armor Suzumega / The Armored Battle Insects: Sphingidae)

(Source: Kodansha Comics & MangaUpdates)


3. Kurogane no Linebarrel

Action, Drama, Mecha, Sci-Fi

The Linebarrels of Iron story takes place in a fictional alternate future, centering on a junior-high school student named Kouichi Hayase, who escaped his daily life of being bullied as a child by daydreaming about being a hero. His life was forever changed during a class trip in the year 2016 when an artificial satellite fell from orbit. Due to this "accident", Kouichi was left in a coma for half a year, and upon awakening, found himself with strange powers, including superhuman strength.

(Source: Wikipedia)


4. Burst Angel - Angels' Adolescence

Action, Ecchi, Mecha

Meet Takeru, an ordinary boy who's always bullied because of his lack of self-confidence. What will happen when one day two mysterious girls show up in his room seeking shelter from a group of blood-thirsty thugs?
Discover the changes in Takeru's life after meeting two girls that are definitely more than what meets the eye in Bakuretsu Tenshi. (Source: mangaupdates)


5. Destiny of Shrine Maiden

Drama, Fantasy, Mecha, Romance

On the moon, there is an old shrine that has fallen into ruin. On the birthday of Himeko Kurusugawa and Chikane Himemiya, there is a sudden eclipse, and a voice calls the eight necks of Orochi to rise and destroy the Solar Priestess and the Lunar Priestess. The two girls soon find themselves under attack by the Orochi, but Himeko's close friend Souma has resisted the call of the Orochi and has sworn to protect her, no matter what.

6. Turn A Gundam: Tsuki no Kaze

Mecha, Sci-Fi

The story takes place in the year Correct Century 2343, showing the past of Loran and training for global operations.

7. Rockman Zero

Action, Comedy, Mecha, Sci-Fi

Meet a poor, cowardly reploid named Zero, who's lost his memories! With the help of Lito-chan, Zero's new friend and sidekick, Zero goes on a journey to find them and recover his past.

Of course, he needs to fight his new enemies some of the time-- but you have to get him to stop hiding behind Lito-chan first.

(Source: Rockman Tanjou)

8. Neppu Kairiku Bushilord: The Rising

Action, Drama, Mecha, Sci-Fi

Earth asteroid early 21st century, "Verne" in the past clashed with the effects of pollution on earth spoke of humanity and a devastating blow. The collision of the planet, while significantly lowering the surface and bring down the old continent "land and sea" to the emergence of a new earth. Human beings are the only contamination of land and sea rival warlords over the Warring States era. (Source: M-U)

9. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: The Edge

Action, Adventure, Drama, Mecha, Sci-Fi

Retelling of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny's story from Athrun Zala's point of view.

(Source: MU)

10. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Astray

Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi

It is October, Cosmic Era 71. The Second Battle of Yakin Due has brought about the end of the war between Earth and PLANT. Jess Rabble, a mobile suit pilot, journalist and cameraman, wishes to photograph the truth of the world from a mobile suit's perspective. During an encounter with the Junk Guild, he meets Lowe Gear, who offers him the newly completed Astray Out Frame in order to fulfill his goal. Now, with Lowe's talking computer '8' at his side, Jess ventures off to all corners of the Earth to film the new battles the world faces.

(Source: Anime News Network)

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