Top 10 Music Anime of 1993


1. X² double X

Drama, Music

X2 is basically a short prequel to the theatrical X film. It consists of four music videos. The first three are merely stills of CLAMP's pre-1994 X artwork, but the fourth is animated by Madhouse. Being the only music video that contains actual plot, the fourth video introduces some of the major characters and quickly lashes through the first few X manga (equivalent to X TV series episodes 1-3) which take place before the theatrical movie.

(Source: ANN)


2. Idol Defense Force Hummingbird

Adventure, Comedy, Music, Action, Drama

When the Japanese government puts civilian organizations in charge of the country's air force, some of these companies decide to put their aspiring idol singers behind the controls of their fighter planes. Among these groups of idol singers is Hummingbird, a five-woman team consisting of the Toreishi sisters: Satsuki, Uzuki, Yayoi, Kanna and Miina. During a taping session, video director Kudo sees some potential in these girls and jumps in to help them reach the top of the charts by directing their debut video.

(Source: ANN)

3. Ishindenshin Shiyou

Music, Romance

An adaptation of a previously released song for FM Miyazaki Joy, a local FM radio station's driver safety campaign commercial. The commercial's song was so popular people were requesting the commercial to air instead of regular songs. NHK eventually purchased the rights to feature and have a music video created for a cleaned up version of the song (a significant portion of the lyrics were changed). This was a rare instance as it is one of the few Minna no Uta songs that came from private broadcasters as almost all are created from public broadcasters such as NHK themselves. (MAL)

4. Hikaru Genji: Taiyou ga Ippai

Adventure, Music

The official music video for Hikaru Genji's single 'Taiyou ga Ippai'.

5. Metropolitan Museum

Fantasy, Music

A young girl wakes up inside the Metropolitan Museum and spends an enchanting night with its denizens. Sung by Taeko Onuki for NHK's Minna no Uta. Stop motion puppet animation by Tadanari Okamoto.

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