Top 10 Music Anime of 1994


1. Macross Plus

Drama, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Music, Action

The year is 2040 and the galaxy is flourishing with several colonies and advanced technology. AI is near perfection and the current top idol is the near-completed Virturoid Idol Sharon Apple. All that is missing are her actual feelings, which instead are supplied by Myung Fang Lone. Sharon's debut concert is on planet Eden, where at the same time, fighter pilots Isamu Dyson and Guld Bowman battle over air superiority for the "Supernova Project." Isamu, Guld and Myung were once childhood friends, but after an accident seven years ago, they went their own separate ways. With Myung back in the picture, the old disputes are once again awakened. And when an unstable and illegal AI technique is installed in Sharon, the situation is worsened.

(Source: ANN)


2. Macross 7

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Mecha, Music

35 years have passed since Lynn Minmay had brought peace between the Zentradi and the humans in the events of Macross. Nekki Basara is a guitarist and a singer of the band Fire Bomber. Living in a less-developed part of the flying colony City 7 which is looking for a habitable planet, he composes and sings songs in the belief that music holds a greater power.

During its flight, an unknown alien race appeared and started laying siege upon City 7. However, its attacks are not conventional -- instead of trying to destroy them, they steal what is known as "spiritia", rendering victims unresponsive and zombie-like. During these battles, Basara always goes out into the middle of the warzone, singing his songs and expecting friend and foe to listen and be moved by his music.

(Source: ANN)


3. Key the Metal Idol

Action, Drama, Mecha, Music, Sci-Fi

Her classmates at school called her Key, as in the "key" to a strange mystery. Key's "grandfather" was a kindly old scientist wanting to use his skill in robotics to create peace and love in the world. But when that kindly old scientist passed away, poor Key was left behind, lacking even the ability to smile.
There still is hope, however a message left behind for Key suggests a fantastic possibility. Could it really be possible for Key to become a real, live human, if she can only win the love of 30,000 people? A dark, haunting tale of cybernetic sci-fi dreams, spiritual visions, and the turbulent world of Japanese pop music.

(Source: Discotek Media)


4. CLAMP in Wonderland


A short video set to music featuring many of CLAMP's most popular anime and manga characters (at the time of its production). The accompanying song tells of a Wonderland filled with imagination, magic, and dreams.

(Source: ANN)


5. Bronze: Kouji Nanjo Cathexis


A 30 minute OVA composed of 5 Koji Nanjo’s music videos, featuring never seen scenes between Takuto and him, with an original art gallery by Minami Ozaki at the end.

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6. Popful Mail

Comedy, Fantasy, Music

Promotion music video created to pitch a full OVA, to no avail.

Music sung by Megumi Hayashibara and based on the Nihon Falcom video game.

(Source: MAL)

7. Mizutori


A 1994 song about a swan aired in the NHK's Minna no Uta sung by Satoshi Saya.

8. Karaoke Senshi Mike-tarou


A story about kids fighting with Karaoke.

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