Top 10 Music Anime of 1997


1. TWO-MIX: White Reflection


A music video to Two-Mix's "White Reflection"; the group, in animated form, notices a strange light and follows it to various locations.


2. Wish


The third of four animated CLAMP music videos. Others being Clover, CLAMP in Wonderland. This one is based on the manga "Wish".

"Wish" is about 28-year-old Shuichiro Kudo, a doctor who stumbles across Kohaku, one of God's angels. When he inadvertantly saves her life from one of the devil's servants, Kohaku decides to grant him a wish to repay him for his kindness. However, upon discovering that Shuichiro has no wish, Kohaku devotes herself to him, vowing to serve him until he has a wish that she can grant. However, both discover that there are some wishes that can't be granted by oneself.

(Source: ANN)

3. Ano Koro no Namida wa

Music, Slice of Life

A slow song by Japanese enka singer and former J-pop idol Yoko Nagayama shown in the NHK program 'Minna no Uta.'

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