Top 10 Music Anime of 1998


1. Fancy Lala

Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance, Mahou Shoujo

Miho Shinohara is a care-free third-grader and an aspiring manga artist. One day, she encounters Mogu and Pigu - two lost fairies disguised as stuffed animals. In exchange for staying at her home until they find a way to return to their own world, the fairies give Miho a special sketch pad and pencil that enable her to magical create real objects from what she draws. With the pen, Miho can also transform into Lala, a beautiful teenage girl created from her manga art. As Lala, she is discovered by a talent agency, and so begins her adventures from an ordinary school girl to a model to an idol singer.

(Source: ANN)


2. Four Day Weekend


Music video for the song Four Day Weekend by Bluetones.


3. Jubilee


A music video by Koji Yamamura.


4. Fujimi Orchestra

Drama, Psychological, Romance, Slice of Life, Music

High school music teacher, Morimura Yuuki, is the concert master and first violinist of the amateur orchestra, Fujimi Orchestra. Surprisingly, a young conductor named Tonoin Kei (known as a musical genius) joins this small orchestra to conduct. Even though Tonoin is a strict conductor, all the members adore him for the notable improvements in their performances and soon Yuuki feels his efforts for the orchestra have been fruitless. Yuuki soon comes to the conclusion that his crush of 3 years likes Tonoin, and he decides to give up on her and leave the orchestra. Tonoin refuses to let him quit, confessing that he loves Yuuki, which reveals that he's gay. Tonoin's love confession confuses Yuuki and it leads to a very horrible misunderstanding.

(Source: ANN)


5. Instant Music


Music video for the song ‘Instant Music’, from the album ‘Runners High’ by The Pillows

6. Aotenjou no Clown


Dedicated to all street performers; who hit their metaphorical ceiling or lose the motivation to continue their art.

7. Boku wa Kimi no Namida


A song about water and tears by Hiromi Oota, animated by Kouji Nanke and featured on NHK's Minna no Uta.

8. the FLY BanD!


The FLY BanD is a group of funky, fashionable musicians from NY who have an outstanding sense of rhythm and groove. They start another music session using daily products somewhere in the world.

(Source: Official Youtube channel)

9. Gandalla: The King of Burning Desert

Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Music

A dispute between young band members and an unfortunate choice of melody inadverdently draws them all into the demonic horror known as the desert-god Gandalla.

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