Top 10 Music Anime of 1998


1. Fancy Lala

Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance, Mahou Shoujo

Miho Shinohara is a care-free third-grader and an aspiring manga artist. One day, she encounters Mogu and Pigu - two lost fairies disguised as stuffed animals. In exchange for staying at her home until they find a way to return to their own world, the fairies give Miho a special sketch pad and pencil that enable her to magical create real objects from what she draws. With the pen, Miho can also transform into Lala, a beautiful teenage girl created from her manga art. As Lala, she is discovered by a talent agency, and so begins her adventures from an ordinary school girl to a model to an idol singer.

(Source: ANN)


2. Four Day Weekend


Music video for the song Four Day Weekend by Bluetones.


3. Jubilee


A music video by Koji Yamamura.

4. Aotenjou no Clown


Dedicated to all street performers; who hit their metaphorical ceiling or lose the motivation to continue their art.

5. Boku wa Kimi no Namida


A song about water and tears by Hiromi Oota, animated by Kouji Nanke and featured on NHK's Minna no Uta.

6. the FLY BanD!


The FLY BanD is a group of funky, fashionable musicians from NY who have an outstanding sense of rhythm and groove. They start another music session using daily products somewhere in the world.

(Source: Official Youtube channel)

7. Instant Music


Music video for the song ‘Instant Music’, from the album ‘Runners High’ by The Pillows

8. Gandalla: The King of Burning Desert

Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Music

A dispute between young band members and an unfortunate choice of melody inadverdently draws them all into the demonic horror known as the desert-god Gandalla.

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