Top 10 Music Manga of 1999

1. Be Maximum


Kabata Ikumi and Uesugi Keishou aim to be the idols of tomorrow! Both are members of the same talent company and take singing and dancing lessons together. While Ikumi joined only recently, Keishou has been a member for years and has considerable talent. Their personalities clash and they are quick to disagree and fight. After only a month of training, Ikumi's big debut has been decided. However, he's been paired up with Keishou!

(Source: shinkeikaku)

2. Fire Emblem: Light Inheritor

Adventure, Fantasy, Music

Based on Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War for the Super Famicom.

3. VS.

Drama, Music, Romance

Sometimes it takes a person who has shared your dream to make it come true. For Reiji, a gifted violinist with no formal training, success may be the key to escaping from his miserable home life. Mitsuko was also a prodigy until an accident left her unable to play. Now she is going to help Reiji achieve the goal she could never attain. Passions and rivalries play out against the backdrop of the music world, while Reiji's family background provides intense, emotional drama. (sorce: CMX)

The final volume also contains the short story "Spica"

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