Top 10 Music Manga of 2005


1. Solanin

Drama, Slice of Life, Music

After graduating from college, Meiko went straight to work as an office lady, but she can't help feeling there should be something more to life. Determined to find a worthier goal, she quits work, but can she actually make her neubulous dreams come true- and how will her sudden decision affect her relationship with her boyfriend Taneda?


2. DMC: Detroit Metal City

Comedy, Music

Souichi Negishi is a common boy, timid, quiet. He loves flowers, walking and musical hits like the ones that radios play. But he is also Krauzer II, leader of Detroit Metal City (DMC), the most popular underground metal band of Japan! Souichi would like to change his life and start to play Swedish pop songs with peaceful and loving lyrics instead of the violent and vulgar ones of DMC, but when he is playing with his band he completely changes his attitude and behavior...


3. Nousatsu Rock Shounen

Comedy, Music, Romance

Fujisaki Maki once had a peaceful life, but one day, she decides to help Nobitani, who was being bullied, and now everyone's bullying her! Because Nobitani feels guilty, he gives Maki tickets to a famous local band called 'East Robo'. Maki decides to go and during the concert, the leader singer plays a ballad and is looking at Maki?!

Contains an extra chapter at the end of volume 2.

4. Ongaku to Manga

Music, Slice of Life

The story revolves around a rock band formed by a trio of punks, none of whom had prior experience with musical instruments.

(Source: MAL)

Includes one shots: Yama (山), Ramen (ラーメン), Manga (漫画)

5. Fureru Yubi wa Piano

Drama, Music, Romance

Fureru Yubi wa Piano
Mamiko is a piano teacher with mostly young students, but also one adult businessman, who unfortunately does not have much talent. Why does he want to learn in the first place?

Mitsumecha Yaa yo
Mimura Miho has a very large bust. Because of that, she's often not taken seriously by the guys she truly likes, including her current crush, her boss Sugisaki.

Urumu Tsukiyo ni
Misaki, who has had trouble sleeping at night, accidentally calls Lunarium, a strictly non-sexual service that rents out people that will simply sleep next to you in the same bed to help you feel more comfortable at night. A handsome boy named Polaris arrives and...??

Sensei datte Onna no Ko
Yukina, a high school teacher, checks out a finishing school and finds out that the owner is the father of one of her own students!

6. Private Lesson


7. Nerima Daikon Brothers

Comedy, Music

The somewhat rough Hideki, former idol Mako, and cool host Ichiro live together on a stage in the middle of a daikon field. Their dream is to build a concert dome there to perform blues music to the masses, but they're just too poor to get anywhere.

8. Go! Go! Heaven!: Jiketsu Shoujo-tai

Comedy, Music

Aya, Julia, Michelle, and Himiko don't know each other, but they all have the desire to end their lives. They meet through a site on the internet and decide to organize a rock concert. It will be unique in the sense that they want to die on stage, or at least that's what they plan to do. But will fate decide otherwise?

(Source: MU)

9. Kat-Tun: Bucchake STORY Haruka na Yakusoku


The story of how Kat-Tun became Kat-Tun.

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