Top 10 Music Manga of 2010


1. AKB49: Renai Kinshi Jourei

Comedy, Music, Romance

Urayama Minoru is a care free boy who has no interest in the idol group AKB48. On the other hand, he does worry about Yoshinaga, his fellow classmate. She wants to become a member of the group and auditions for a spot, so Minoru goes undercover as a female in order to help Yoshinaga with her stage fright. Words of encouragement can only go so far however, and the web Minoru finds himself in is getting bigger.

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2. Shounen Note

Drama, Music, Slice of Life

A short story about a boy whose name is Yutaka and sucessfully sings as a soloist in a choir with his soprano voice, but then gets into the trouble of his puberty vocal change.

A serialized version of the oneshot Octave.

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3. Score of seventh class.

Music, Romance

Yohei is in the Woodwinds Orchestra at his high school where he plays the clarinet as one of the few boys in the group. The president of the group is Azumi who also happens to be Yohei's first girlfriend. Azumi has never had a boyfriend before, and the couple has many awkward moments as their relationship is still fresh. With both Yohei and Azumi acting a little shy with each other, being intimate is difficult but their love for each other makes them braver.

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4. Citrus

Music, Romance

Raised in the small town of Kinoto, Shiho is a third year in middle school. She loves playing piano and dreams of opening a piano school in town in the future. An attractive student from Tokyo, Nanami, transfers into Shiho's class. Through meeting Nanami, Shiho's world starts to change.

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5. Hibi Rock

Comedy, Music

The story follows the adventures of a boy who until has rock music, he manages to survive everything: to the school, which for him is very hard, to bullies, to the fact of not having a girlfriend.

6. Ohisama Rock


7. Boku wa Beatles


This new series takes us to 2010, where four Japanese students have decided to form a band called The Fab 4, in memory of the Beatles. The plot takes a sudden turn when three of the four protagonists are fighting on the subway and one of them falls to the track, taking with him another.

At the time, the two musicians realize that they are in a park, just that there was something that did not fit: they were in Japan, but in 1961.

8. Mashiro no Oto

Comedy, Drama, Music

Shamisen is a traditional Japanese musical instrument that looks similar to a guitar. Teenager Sawamura Setsu’s grandfather who raised him and his older brother Wakana, recently passed away. His grandfather was one of the greatest Shamisen players and the two siblings grew up listening to him play and learning to play the instrument.

Since the grandfather’s death, Setsu dropped out of high school, moved to Tokyo and has been drifting, not knowing what to do besides play his Shamisen. That’s when his successful and rich mother, Umeko storms into his life and tries to shape Setsu up. She enrolls him back into high school but little does Setsu know that he is about to rediscover his passion for Shamisen.

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9. Nakagawa Shouko Monogatari - Sorairo Days

Drama, Music

The story will deal with Nakagawa's coming-of-age as she dealt with grade-school bullying and the passing of her father.

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