Top 10 Mystery Manga of 1990


1. Tropic of the Sea

Fantasy, Mystery

The legend has it that once upon a time, a pact was sealed between the Shinto priest of the town of Amide and a mermaid. Ever since, abundant fishing has guaranteed the town’s prosperity. This pact has always been honored by the priests of the Yashiro family. However, the legend has attracted both media and property developers, and the acting priest has acceded to their demands. Yosuke, youngest of the Yashiro family, has doubts about the existence of the mermaid, but will soon change his opinion as strange occurrences begin to unfold… (Source: Kotonoha)

Included one-shot: Summer of Tension.


2. Zankoku na Douwa-tachi

Drama, Horror, Mystery

A collection of oneshots:

Cruel Fairytales
When Martin and his sister were young, they tried to run away from home. They ran into the forest only to find an unexpected gruesome scene: women were hanged on the trees. Both siblings were traumatised and the younger sister ran away. Now, an older Martin desperately tries to find his sister.

Blanche's life was perfect. Her father, the mayor, was rich and she got everything she wanted. But one day her house blows up and she's left as the only survivor with no money at all. She vows revenge on the person who blew the house up and plans it with a strange boy she meets...

Backstage Mage
Lying on the floor after being beaten by his father, Aleister's mother died after saying "I will be reborn. Wait for me until then" and leaving him her precious ring. 17 years later Aleister bumps into a girl and the ring reacts...

Sono Toki Teina wa Kako wo Mita -
Teina has the ability to see the past and because of her ability, Sergeant Kaiji has requested for her help in in solving a case involving the sudden brutal killings of policemen. Teina realizes that Kaiji was actually her past life’s lover and agrees to help him. As she tries to see the past, a sudden dark force seems to be stopping her, and she realizes that these murders are more than what they seem.

(Source: MU)

3. Auction House

Action, Drama, Mystery

4. Hell Mother

Horror, Mystery, Supernatural

1. Hell Mother
2. House
3. Kagami yo Kagami (Mirror Mirror)
4. Kowai Yume (Nightmare)
5. Fusuma (Half-Open Door)

5. Zero: The Man of the Creation

Drama, Mystery

The man known as “Zero” is an expert on antiquities, archaeology, art, and other types of artifacts. Specifically, he is an expert on rooting out their histories and discovering any extra-special qualities they might have – curses and so on – and then gets rid of them, and he will search the world to find the answers he seeks for his clients. He charges whatever fee he feels is appropriate; it might be a million dollars, and it might just be one.

(Source: Natsuyume)

6. Mishiranu Machi

Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Supernatural

Stories included in this volume:

1. Mishiranu Machi (見知らぬ街)
A group of teenagers went on a summer holiday and had a car accident. The woke up and found the whole city was empty. How can they escape the eerie place? But more importantly, can they really all go back?

2. Youkoso Mystery Tour e (ようこそミステリーツアーへ)
In the summer holiday, a 15 year old girl Kana went on a vacation on an island, when a certain hotel giving out invitation to join a treasure hunt event with only a ridiculously impossible map to read. With a group of four along with her cousin Riku who can't handle transportation, her little brother Takashi who likes mystery and her brother's girlfriend Natsuki, the group join the event, meeting suspicious people and witnessing unexplainable occurences. Can they find the treasure? Is there any hidden agenda from the hotel owner by making such an event?

3. A wa Akuma no A (アは悪魔のア)
An almost dead man entrusted a Devil statue to Riku, a 15 year old boy. Before they realized, Kana, Riku, Takashi and Natsuki were already involved in an adventure involving antiques, cops, a devil in disguise, an angel in custody, and a cold blooded killer.

(Source: M-U)

7. Hakuryuu Izayoi den

Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Two strange encounter with one unfamiliar name confused Rui. First she unconsciously blurted out when she saw a guy in her school, another time is when she heard a woman cries that unfamiliar name out just right when Rui saw the sword her father who is an archeologist shows it to her. With this sword Rui never know that it could transport her back to the old Japan where her father's troop is having a war with another.

Note: Included in the back of this manga ,there is also an Omake which is a story about Tatsuki and Dule from Maou no Kiza (魔王の刻) This is a prequel story when Tatsuki is still a small kid that doesn't know about his power yet.

8. Shinkiro Kitan

Mystery, Supernatural

9. Yami no Tenkuu

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Mystery

A sequel to Sora no Soko Shirasuna no Himegimi. Yami no Tenkuu is about Rika, Yoshino and friends. Yoshino has special power that whoever get closes to her will be able to see spirits, demons and gain paranormal abilities. Even though Yoshino have this special power, she can't see or sense anything paranormal at all.

In this sequel, everyone in the manga is prepare themselves to enter their university exam now. Yoshino's friends start losing power to see any spirit. Rika is, being someone with strong six sense, still can see spirit as usual. On the day she noticed that her paranormal abilities is still going on, Rika and Yoshino meet a mysterious new student named Kawamura.

Another huge case where Rika and Yoshino has to get themselves into to get out of trouble.

10. Meitantei Hokenshitsu no Obasan

Action, Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Jinguuji and his friend dread the idea of going to the school's nursing room. Why? It's because of the mean, cut throat "auntie" who is a school nurse works there. Letting her tend the student's wound will only make them more in pain because she's never be gentle with anybody. Jinguuji's luck is however run short when one day, he and his friend was asked by her to help do some paper works in the nursing room. Little did Jinguuji knows he have to get involves in something bigger than his normal student's life from now on.

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