Top 10 Mystery Manga of 2002


1. Heads

Action, Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Sci-Fi

This manga is a story based on a thriller by Keigo Higashino. The main protagonist, the shy Jun Naruse, is a rather average guy who works for a electronic company and loves to draw. He falls in love with Megumi whom he met at a shop selling drawing materials and an intimate relationship develops. A few days later the office gets attacked and when the criminal tries to shot a little girl he saves her by jumping in front of her.

A month pasts until he wakes up again and is told that half his brain got destroyed and he only survived because someone donated half a brain. Everything seems to be fine, he quickly recovers and is happy, however he begins to the donated brain the reason for that? Or is it just a side effect of the medicine?

(Source: MU)


2. Gyo

Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Sci-Fi

Something in Okinawa reeks, and it isn't long before Tadashi and his girlfriend Kaori realize that the smell is coming from dead fish, which are walking out of the sea. The fish are fused to metal legs and are infected with a disease contractable by humans that was invented as a weapon by the Japanese government. After Kaori is infected, Tadashi goes to find a solution to this putrid takeover, if there even is an answer to be found.

Included one-shots:
Volume 2: The Sad Tale of the Principal Post, The Enigma of Amigara Fault


3. Switch

Action, Drama, Mystery

In the big city, drug crimes run rampant. Eto Kai and Kurabayashi Haru are two newcomer investigators who fight against them. In order to save the people from modern society, poisoned with drugs, the two turn to face an invisible enemy...

(Source: MangaNews)

Included one-shots:
Volume 2: Bonus Chapter
Volume 6: Early Days; Bonus Chapter
Volume 11: Bonus Chapter


4. The Tarot Café

Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance

Meet Pamela, a tarot card reader who helps supernatural beings living in the human world. She'll help anyone, whether they're a love-stricken cat, a vampire spending eternal life running from his one true love, an unattractive waitress looking for the man of her dreams, or even a magician who creates a humanoid doll to serve the woman he loves. Although she is good-natured, there is a deep dark secret that she must deal with before she can move on to the next life.

(Source: Tokyopop)


5. Haou Airen

Action, Drama, Mystery, Romance

One day while walking home from her job, Kurumi Akino finds a wounded young man, and saves his life. He mysteriously disappears after that, and leaves only the name “Hakuron.” Next thing she knows she’s been kidnapped from her school, and is on a private jet with that man, heading to China. It turns out she saved the life of the most infamous mobster in Hong Kong, and he wants her to stay with him.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Included the one-shot:
Volume 9: Honey Honey Boy: He Is a Sweet Temptation


6. Remote; .remote.

Action, Ecchi, Mystery, Psychological

Kurumi Ayaki is a recently-retired police officer with a record of excellence on the force and the guts and guile to back it up. In order to earn some extra money for her upcoming wedding, she has to return to the force ... and is 'rewarded' with an assignment to an elite unit whose charge it is to solve those crimes that have been classified as unsolvable.

Partnered with a mysterious young genius who is unable to feel emotions, or even to leave his room, she acts as his eyes and ears to piece together clues even as her own personal life falls apart around her. (Source: Tokyopop)

Story written under the name Amagi, Seimaru.


7. The Haibane of Old Home: Extra Edition

Drama, Mystery, Slice of Life

Extra Edition focuses on Reki's past.

8. Tsumetai Misshitsu to Hakase-tachi

Drama, Mystery

On a colleague, Professor Kita's, suggestion, Associate Professor Saikawa Souhei and his student Nishinosono Moe head to Kita's research institute, where various experiments are being conducted in a low-temperature research lab.

During the night a murder takes place: two graduate students are found dead in the lab.

How did the killer enter the locked room? How did they leave?

(Source: MU)

9. Iliad

Adventure, Mystery

Searching for the lost island Atlantis.

(Source: MU)

10. Reo!

Comedy, Ecchi, Mystery

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