Top 10 Psychological Anime of 1992


1. Domain of Murder

Drama, Mystery, Psychological

On the trail of a missing husband, private investigator Goro crosses paths with a deranged killer.

(Source: ANN)


2. Download: Devil's Circuit

Action, Adventure, Psychological, Sci-Fi

An exciting cyberpunk romp directed by Rintaro with veteran animator Kanada Yoshinori about a genius hacker and a gang of hot-rodders.


3. Wake Up


Short film from animator Tsuji Naoyuki, who is known for his use of both charcoal and puppet animation. Wake Up is a dark and brooding animation epitomizing his story telling style by combining serene worlds and childlike images with darkness and nightmarish scenes.

4. Noroi no One Piece

Drama, Horror, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural

When three schoolgirls, Yuuko, Kaori and Michiyo, receive a mysterious package containing a beautiful dress with a floral pattern, they're overjoyed. It'll be their chance to shine in front of their love interests! However, little do they know that this sweet-looking gift might have been not so fortunate, after all...

(Source: Old Castle)

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