Top 10 Psychological Manga of 2018


1. Nande Ikiteru ka Wakaranai Hito: Izumi Sumi 25-sai

Slice of Life, Psychological

Izumi Sumi, a 25-year-old part-timer, struggles through anxiety and depression, pondering the meaning of her own life.


2. Jishou F-Rank no Oniisama ga Game de Hyouka sareru Gakuen no Chouten ni Kunrin suru Sou desu yo?

Ecchi, Romance, Action, Drama, Psychological

Everything that happens in the world is settled through games.


3. Gambler's Parade


Shinonome Karin is a very unlucky girl. Very. After a terrible morning she is late to her first day at a new school but everything ends with a very strange gamble... When all seemed lost she is saved by her history teacher... That also hates gambling!

(Source: MU)


4. Ingoshima

Action, Ecchi, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural, Thriller

The Yoshinomiya Municipal High School 2nd year students embarked on what they'd hoped was an educational trip with their friends and away from family but it was not meant to be... Their ship was hit by unexpected rough seas and crashed on a strange island! The surviving students are trying to understand what happened but soon they realize they are not alone on this island and the locals don't appear to be very friendly to strangers!!!

(Source: MU)

5. Osoroshitan

Horror, Drama, Mystery, Psychological


Horror, Mystery, Psychological


Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Romance

Joseph lived an ordinary life and it all took a turn when he realized he was being stalked. First, his school, then his locker, his phone and eventually his home- every aspect of his life was infiltrated by his stalker. Joseph is at his wits' end when Glen, a stranger, steps into his life at just the right moment and offers him a helping hand.

(Source: MU)

8. A Thousand Cranes

Action, Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Romance

After finishing the part-time job, Oon Hak witnesses Ga Hyun murdering. He immediately runs away, but accidentally drops his phone near the crime scene, which worries him. On one hand, Ga Hyun orders his «underling» to get rid of Oon Hak. What will happen to Oon Hak and Ga Hyun?

(Source: MU)

Includes 3 Extras.

9. Shoujo no Mayu

Thriller, Romance, Psychological

A trilogy of beautiful, dangerous, and cruel truth between adolescent girls...

(Source: Manga Club)

10. Takane no Hana-san

Comedy, Psychological, Romance, Slice of Life

A traditional candy maker, bee confectionery, Super Ace who works in the product planning department, the name is Takamine Hana (27 years old)! All planned products are a big hit! She was so confused that her approach to all the employees around her was shut out, so she was described as “Takane no Hana” and was rumoured​ to be “dating a great man”. But though! The contents are the fifth grade of love level elementary school! ! It was a purely clumsy pure girl who fell in love with a junior employee, Yuki! ! ! Hana-san's love road will bloom! Niyanya will not stop! The blush overflows! ! Office love comedy full of youth! ! !

(Source: GoogleTranslate of official summary)

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