Top 10 Romance Manga of 2013


1. A Silent Voice

Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

Based on a one-shot that won the 80th Weekly Shounen Magazine Newbie Best Mangaka Award.

Shouya is a bully. When Shouko, a girl who can't hear, enters his elementary school class, she becomes their favorite target, and Shouya and his friends goad each other into devising new tortures for her. But the children's cruelty goes too far. Shouko is forced to leave the school, and Shouya ends up shouldering all the blame. Six years later, the two meet again. Can Shouya make up for his past mistakes, or is it too late?

(Source: Kodansha Comics, edited)

Included Bonus Chapters: 1.5 and 38.5


2. ReLife

Psychological, Romance, Slice of Life

The story follows Kaizaki Arata, a 27-year-old jobless man, who fails at every job interview he had after quitting his last company. His life changes after he met Yoake Ryou of the ReLife Research Institute, who offered him a drug that can change his appearance to 17-years-old and to become a subject in an experiment for one year. Thus, he begins his life as a high school student once more.

(Source: MangaUpdates)


3. Given

Music, Slice of Life, Drama, Romance

It's stuck deep inside me and I can't get it out of my head. Mafuyu's voice is an insane and dangerous weapon. That day, I started to feel that playing the guitar and playing basketball, both of which I liked very much previously, was becoming boring.

Uenoyama meets Mafuyu who's holding onto a broken guitar. The moment Uenoyama finishes fixing the guitar, Mafuyu becomes completely attached to him. However, hearing Mafuyu's song by chance leaves a deep impression on Uenoyama. An alternative love drawn by Kizu Natsuki!

(Source: MangaUpdates)


4. The Ancient Magus' Bride

Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life

Hatori Chise is only 16, but she has lost far more than most. With neither family nor hope, it seems all doors are closed to her. But, a chance encounter began to turn the rusted wheels of fate. In her darkest hour, a mysterious magus appears before Chitose, offering a chance she couldn't turn down. This magus who seems closer to demon than human, will he bring her the light she desperately seeks, or drown her in ever deeper shadows?

(Source: MyAnimeList)


5. My Monster Secret: "Actually, I am..."

Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Meet Kuromine Asahi, "the man who can't lie". On the way home, he just learned an important secret. That his crush, Shiragami Youko, is actually a vampire!

Can Asahi actually keep her secret?

It's a fun, clumsy, one of a kind vampire romantic comedy!


6. The Gods Lie

Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

It’s the summer when Natsuru is 11. Ever since he’s turned one of them down on Valentine’s Day, the girls of his class have been constantly ignoring him. This changes just before summer break, when Suzumura, the tallest girl in the year, suddenly talks to him. Later, Natsuru meets Suzumura again outside school and finds out she has a secret.

(Source: MangaUpdates)


7. Sword Art Online: Progressive

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi

"This game is impossible to clear. It's just a matter of when, where and how you die." Kayaba Akihiko's death game has been up for one month. This incredibly difficult VRMMO has already claimed 2000 victims. It's the day of the 1st floor boss strategy meeting. The solo player Kirito, who's decided to only strengthen himself, meets a rare female player on the current front lines, while heading to the meeting around noon. Fighting alone against the strong monsters, she was like a meteor cutting the night sky.

A compilation of Aria in the Starless Night, where Kirito becomes known as the Black Swordsman, the events concerning the 2nd floor boss clearing, and Rondo of the Transient Blade, the sad tale of a young male blacksmith.

(Source: Novel volume 1 description)

Volume 2 contains the chapter 6.5 "Scapegoat" (生贄〈スケープゴート〉).
Volume 3 contains the chapter 10.5 "Shitsui" (失意).
Volume 4 contains the chapter 16.5 "Senkyou" (戦況).
Volume 6 contains the chapter 33.5 "Guild" (ギルド).


8. Namaikizakari.

Comedy, Romance, Sports

Upon first sight Machida Yuki knows that she doesn't want anything to do with Naruse Shou, but how can she keep her cool when he is a part of the basketball club she manages?

(Source: MU)


9. Ten Count

Drama, Psychological, Romance

Corporate secretary Shirotani suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. One day he meets Kurose, a therapist who offers to take him through a ten-step program to cure him of his compulsion. As the two go through each of the ten steps, Shirotani 's attraction to his counselor grows.

(Source: SuBLime)


10. Out of Control

Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life

Yuri, one of the school's most handsome guys, and Jaerim, one of the school's ugliest, collide!...or don't they...Can't understand what's going on between these two! It's Out of Control!!

(Source: Lezhin)

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