Top 10 Sci Fi Anime of 2018


1. Gintama.: Silver Soul Arc - Second Half War

Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Drama

The second season of the Silver Soul arc.


2. Gintama.: Silver Soul Arc

Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Drama

Final arc of Gintama. Utsuro's ultimate plan is revealed: spark a universal war that will ultimately lead to the destruction of Earth, allowing him to finally die but taking the universe down with him. Gintoki and others must team up with old allies and former enemies to not only defeat him but also the victims of the immortal's plans, a gathering army of vengeful Amanto who may no longer listen to reason.


3. Steins;Gate 0

Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

The dark untold story of Steins;Gate that leads with the eccentric mad scientist Okabe, struggling to recover from a failed attempt at rescuing Kurisu. He decides to give up and abandons his lively scientist alter ego, in pursuit to forget the past. When all seems to be normal, he is seemingly pulled back into the past by meeting an acquaintance of Kurisu, who tells him that they have begun testing a device that stores the memory of a human and creates a simulation of them with their characteristics and personalities. Okabe begins testing and finds out that the simulation of Kurisu has brought back anguish and some new unexpected tragedies.

Zero is a side story that explores events from the Beta Attractor Field's future that contribute in making the end of the original story possible.

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Comedy, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life, Supernatural

The comedy manga centers around a super-powered girl named Hina and Nitta, a young member of the yakuza. Hina suddenly appears in Nitta's room and threatens him with her extraordinary powers. However, they end up living together.

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5. My Hero Academia the Movie: Two Heroes

Action, Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi

The climactic finals are over, and U.A. is getting ready for the summer training camp. Deku and All Might receive an invitation from a certain person to go overseas to a giant artificial moving city called I-Island. This island, a kind of “science Hollywood” that gathers the knowledge of scientists from around the world, is holding an exhibition called I-Expo showcasing the results of Quirk and hero item research. In the midst of all this, Deku meets a Quirkless girl named Melissa and remembers his own Quirkless past. Out of the blue, the impregnable security system the island boasts is hacked by villains, and all the people on the island are taken as hostages! Now, a plan that could shake hero society has been put into motion! The man who holds the key to it all is the number one hero and Symbol of Peace, All Might.

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Sports, Drama, Action, Sci-Fi

Ashita no Joe 50th anniversary project.

JD (Junk Dog) participates in fixed boxing matches in an underground ring in order to live. Today, he enters the ring again, but he encounters a certain person. JD wants to take on a challenge that risks everything.

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7. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion III - Glorification

Action, Mecha, Psychological, Supernatural, Sci-Fi

Third and final part of the three part theatrical film remake of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2.


8. Penguin Highway

Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery

The narrator and protagonist is ten-year-old Aoyama. A serious student, he has already acquired a broad knowledge of the world and the universe, and he keeps notebooks in which he records day-to-day observations from his studies, explorations, and experiments. In May, some Adélie penguins appear in the town where he lives. They are captured and hauled away by truck, but then they vanish into thin air while being transported. Aoyama talks about the penguins with a young woman who works at the dentist’s office and who has been a friend to him. The woman is referred to only as Onee-san. When Onee-san tosses a soda can one day, it turns into a penguin. Meanwhile, Aoyama’s classmate Uchida has secretly been keeping a penguin, but it hasn’t touched its food for three weeks. When Aoyama and Uchida take it with them on the train, it disappears. Another classmate, a girl named Hamamoto who often plays chess with Aoyama, discovers a strange spherical object in a field on the edge of town. The three classmates name the sphere “Ocean,” and begin keeping a log of their observations of it. Aoyama soon concludes that there is a relationship between the swelling and shrinking of “Ocean” and Onee-san’s state of health.

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9. Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi

Nine months have passed since teen soldier Sousuke Sagara first became Kaname Chidori's covert protector. In that time, Mithril has been remarkably successful at thwarting Amalgam's efforts, but this has only made Amalgam more determined. Leonard Testarossa's visits with Tessa and Kaname are just preludes to all-out attacks that begin with global communications disruptions. Kaname's status as a Whispered makes her one of Amalgam's main targets, which means that any semblance of a peaceful life at Jindai Municipal High School is now over for her.

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10. Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These

Drama, Sci-Fi, Action

In humanity's distant future, two interstellar states—the monarchic Galactic Empire and the democratic Free Planets Alliance—are embroiled in a never-ending war. The story focuses on the exploits of rivals Reinhard von Müsel and Yang Wen Li as they rise to power and fame in the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance.

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