Top 10 Sci Fi Manga of 1991


1. Getter Robo Go

Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi

Getter Robo Go is the third Getter Robo series chronologically.

Following the disaster at the end of Shin Getter Robo, Hayato Jin has become the new leader of the Saotome Research Institute and Ryoma has retired to the countryside. Robot technology has advanced to the point that most major countries own them, but Getter Rays research is now forbidden and kept secret from the rest of the world. In order to defeat the madman Randou whose base lies the Arctic, a new team of Getter Robo pilots is formed, piloting a new form of Getter Robo which runs on simple plasma energy. Allying with the militaries of various nations, the war with Randou's army begins.

This series marks the debut of the Shin Getter Robo.

2. Boku to Furio to Koutei de

Mystery, Horror, Sci-Fi

A collection of some of Daijiro Morohoshi's works, spanning the years 1981 to 1990.

1) Hakobune ga Kita Hi (1983)
2) Nanpasen (1982)
3) Chinjunomori (1983)
4) Boku to Furio to Koutei de (1983)
5) Numa no Kodomo (1982)
6) Ryusa (1982)
7) Kuroishi-tou Satsujin Jiken (1982)
8) Shiro (1990)
9) Aoi Mure (1981)
10) Kage no Machi (1985)

3. Outer Zone

Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Supernatural

A Twilight Zone/Outer Limits-esque romp through the occult and supernatural led by your elven-eared hostess, Misery.

4. Version


A hard-bitten Japanese P.I. and a scientist's daughter travel to Australia to unravel the mystery of a sentient biochip! A secret research project has gone awry, and both the biochip and Eiko Hirgure's father have disappeared. Together with detective Happo Mitsuri, they uncover an increasingly tangled trail. Who is the mysterious stranger who contacts Happo? What is the sinister organization following the proceedings? And what does a mermaid have to do with all this?

(Source: Dark Horse Comics)

5. Facade

Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Supernatural

It‘s a mysterious and haunting series about a man (?) who is tossed about in time and space, never knowing who he is or why he's fated to be a perpetual voyager. His name is Facade, and he shares his body with four other entities- Wolf Face, a male wolf who has mastered human speech; Twin, a female swan with a double pair of wings; the Professor, who is pure personality without a body of his own; Naaku, a dragon (sex evidently unknown- maybe dragons don't have them); and a fifth person who has yet to appear and about whom nothing is known. Sometimes Facade's co-tenants manifest in their own bodies, sometimes they merely change part of Facade's body into their own. This allows Facade, for instance, to fly with Twin's wings or, in one unusually happy tale in the first volume, to manifest as the god Anubis to a number of ancient Egyptians by grafting Wolf Face's head onto his own human body.

6. Dr. Kishiwada's Scientific Affection

Comedy, Sci-Fi

The hero is Dr. Kishiwada, a brilliant but demented scientist, who creates bizarre mechas, battles the forces of evil, or just mucks about. There are many parodies of B-grade sci-fi movies and of TV. Crazy, slick, and very funny.


7. Time Walker Zero

Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Setsuna Rei has a special tattoo on the palm of his hand that allows him to go back in time and change history. He uses this special power to earn his living. For a fee he will go back in time to change the course of history for a client.

8. Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mecha, Sci-Fi

Time-travellers from the 22nd century return to present day Japan to warn the world that Godzilla will soon return, and his rampage will be so great that the country will never recover.
With the help of a non-fiction writer who has accurately guessed the true origin of Godzilla, the people of the future offer to return to the past and prevent Godzilla's birth. However, upon returning to the present they find that Godzilla has been replaced by an even greater threat; The three-headed demon King Ghidorah!
How can the world survive without the King Of The Monsters to face this new terror?

9. Compiler

Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi

COMPILER is a story about the Igarashi brothers Nachi and Toshi, and two beauties from another dimension, Compiler and Assembler. Originally sent to conquer Earth through a game of destruction and creation, Compiler and Assembler ended up deciding that living in our world is more fun than conquering it. They moved in with Nachi and Toshi. A growing relationship began to develop between Nachi and Compiler, and Toshi and Assembler, though none of them can bring themselves to admit it outright.
Meanwhile, the people who sent Compiler and Assembler to conquer Earth were outraged by their apparent betrayal. They sent two assassins, Bios and Directory, to deal with the renegades and proceed with the invasion plan. And so, the misadventures begin...

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10. Orion

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

A science fiction/fantasy manga by Masamune Shirow, first published in 1991 by Seishinsha.

The main plot revolves around the Yamata Empire's plan to destroy all the galaxy's negative karma using a massive technological reactor called the Nāga Generator. Unfortunately, negative karma cannot simply be destroyed, it must be atoned for. However the leader of the powerful mystic Buddhist Fuze Clan plans to stop the destruction of the negative karma which will end up creating the nine-headed Nāga and destroy the world if not the whole universe. To help in stopping the creation of the Nāga, the clan summons a Shinto god known as Susano, the Warrior God of Destruction. The powerful, arrogant, and homicidal god faces challenges. These include the Empire and the clan leader's own daughter, the bratty sorceress Seska, who is possessed by the power of the negative Karma and a powerful magic formula.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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