Top 10 Sci Fi Manga of 2017


1. Dr. STONE

Adventure, Sci-Fi, Action, Comedy

One fateful day, all of humanity was petrified by a blinding flash of light. After several millennia, high schooler Taiju awakens and finds himself lost in a world of statues. However, he’s not alone! His science-loving friend Senku’s been up and running for a few months and he's got a grand plan in mind—to kickstart civilization with the power of science!

(Source: Viz)


2. RWBY: Official Manga Anthology

Adventure, Action, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comedy, Slice of Life

Ruby may be team leader, but she's got insecurities just like the rest of us. In fact, her worries run deep. These stories show how Ruby overcomes her shortcomings to be a true hero—and what drives her to do it! From a team of exciting new manga artists comes the first volume in a series of short story collections showcasing Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang!

(Source: VIZ Media)

Volume 1 "Red Like Roses" (2017/5/19)
#Cover Illustration: Ein Lee
#Illustrations: Izumi Sai, Esu, Miou Shiki, Tsukasa, Omutatsu
1. In the Case of the Hero - monorobu
2. Hunter Taru Mono (ハンターたるもの, As a Hunter) - Ritsu Hayami
3. Dakara, Watashi wa Koko ni Iru. (だから、私はここにいる。, That Is Why I'm Here) - Kuma
4. RWBY to Ruby (RWBYとルビー, RWBY and Ruby) - KaTe
5. Akazukin, Minna de Fukushuu, Kowakunai (あかずきん、みんなでふくしゅう、こわくない, Who's Afraid of Little Red Riding Hood If We All Attack At Once?) - Xily
6. Ruby's Note - Uri
7. Bara no Namae (薔薇の名前, Name of the Rose) - Sora
8. Chocolate Chip Cookies - Amaya
9. Aibou (相棒, Partner) - Mikanuji
10. Hair Like Rose. - Moromoimaru
11. Koi no Kajitsu wo Motomeshi Akazukin (恋の果実を求めし赤ずきん, Little Red Riding Hood Seeks the Fruit of Love) - Kaogeimoai
12. Change! (ちぇんじ!) - Koko Siguma
13. Beacon Mayonaka no Yuurei Sawagi (ビーコン真夜中の幽霊さわぎ, Beacon's Midnight Ghost Story) - Mate
14. Beacon-biyori (Ruby-hen) (びぃこん日和 (ルビー編), Beacon Days (Ruby)) - Jesper
15. Yasashiku Naritai (優しくなりたい, Just Trying to Help) - Amechan
16. RPY - Miou Shiki
17. Kami to Shishunki to Ruby (髪と思春期とルビー, Hairy, Youth and Ruby) - Sorappane
18. Test Benkyou wo Wasurezuni! (テスト勉強を忘れずに!, Don't Forget to Study for the Test!) - Kio Rojine
19. Nakama (なかま, Friends) - Hiura Sun
20. Mochi-RWBY: Ruby-hen (もちるび るびぃへん, RWBY No Doubt: Ruby) - Umiya

Volume 2 "Mirror Mirror" (2017/6/19)
#Cover illustration: Ein Lee
#Illustrations: shihou, Kuma, BUZZ, Ecru, Esu
1. My BFF - KaTe
2. In the Case of the Princess - monorobu
3. Aru 1-nichi (ある1日, One Day) - Kuma
4. Princess, Okashi wo Tsukuru (プリンセス、お菓子をつくる, The Princess Makes Sweets) - Mate
5. White Yellow, Criminal - Hayami Ritsu
6. Mimi made Yawarakakute Atatakai kara (耳まで柔らかくてあたたかいから, Soft, Warm Ears) - Amechan
7. Koufuku wa Taikutsu no Tonari ni (幸福は退屈の隣に, Happiness Is Next to Boredom) - Kio Rojine
8. Beacon-biyori (Weiss-hen) (びぃこん日和 (ワイス編), Beacon Days (Weiss)) - Jesper
9. With You - EMO
10. Shirayukihime no Yume (白雪姫の夢, Snow White's Dream) - Mochiyama
11. Shirayukihime no Yuuutsu (白雪姫の憂鬱, Snow White's Melancholy) - Mikanuji
12. Ice Queen no Oaite wa Daare? (アイスクイーンのお相手はだあれ?, Who Is the Ice Queen Meeting?) - Tsutanoha
13. Sister - Amaya
14. Banyuu Inryoku no Housoku (万有引力の法則, The Law of Universal Gravitation) - Sora
15. Zento Tanan na Shirayukihime (前途多難な白雪姫, Snow White's Grim Prospects) - Kaogeimoai
16. Chapter 4.5: Day - ryuga
17. The Moon - Uri
18. Snow Flake - Assa
19. Yakusoku (約束, Promise) - Hiura Sun
20. Mochi-RWBY: Weiss-hen (もちるび わいすへん, RWBY No Doubt: Weiss) - Umiya

Volume 3 "From Shadows" (2017/9/19)
#Cover illustration: Ein Lee
#Illustrations: Jesper, Mugupo, ryuga, Izumi Sai, Sakura Shiho
1. Intruder Black Cat - Ritsu Hayami
2. Nijiiro Mondou (虹色問答, Iridescent Dialogue) - Tsutanoha
3. Net Auction: Blake (ネットオークション ブレイク) - Sumiwo
4. In the Case of the Monster - monorobu
5. Yasashii Jikan wa Madamada Korekara (優しい時間はまだまだこれから, Relaxing Times Have Just Begun) - Kio Rojine
6. Blake! Blake! Blake! (ブレイク! ブレイク! ブレイク!) - Natsutaro
7. Futari no Kyuusoku (2人の休息, A Break for Two) - Mochiyama
8. Beacon-biyori (Blake-hen) (びぃこん日和 (ブレイク編), Beacon Days (Blake)) - Jesper
9. Tomodachi (友達, Friend) - Hiura Sun
10. Kuroi Bijo to Kemonomimi Musume (黒い美女と獣耳娘, Black Beauty and the Cat-Eared Girl) - Kaogeimoai
11. Take Me Back - Mugupo
12. Aru Yoru no Bumblebee (ある夜のバンブルビー, Night of the Bumblebee) [Ogurapan] (小倉んぱん)
13. Amen Brother (アーメン・ブラザー) - Sora
14. Sushi ga Nai! (寿司がない!, The Sushi's Gone!) - Koko Siguma
15. Break Time - Sorappane
16. Kuroneko no Shoumei (黒猫の証明, Proof of a Black Cat) - Mikanuji
17. Curiosity Killed The Cat - Ohtsuki
18. Mochi-RWBY: Blake-hen (もちるび ぶれいくへん, RWBY No Doubt: Blake) - Umiya

Volume 4 "I Burn" (2017/10/19)
#Cover illustration: Ein Lee
#Illustrations: monorobu, Hayami Ritsu, Ohitashi, Honojiro Towoji, Ecru
1. King of the Sisters! - Ohtsuki
2. Bear, Cat, Dog - Ritsu Hayami
3. Beacon-biyori (Yang-hen) (びぃこん日和 (ヤン編), Beacon Days (Yang)) - Jesper
4. Kono Kuma Yannee yo (このくまヤンねぇよ, You Can't Have This Bear) - Xily
5. Kikkake (きっかけ, Genesis) - Mochiyama
6. Bumblebee! - Mugupo
7. Gudaguda Junbi Sakusen (ぐだぐだ準備作戦, Operation Sloppy Planning) - Moromoimaru
8. Sister - Mikanuji
9. Semblance e no Chousen (センブランスへの挑戦, Semblance Challenge) - Meteo
10. Taisetsu na Mono (大切なモノ, What's Important) - Hiura Sun
11. Waratte Kurenakya Yaan! (笑ってくれなきゃヤーン!, You Have to Laugh!) - Natsutaro
12. Timely Hit (タイムリー・ヒット) - Sora
13. Gold - Tsutanoha
14. 3-nin no Nakama to Kinpatsu Shoujo (3人の仲間と金髪少女, The Blonde Girl and Her Three Friends) - Kaogeimoai
15. Minna de Tanoshii Koto wo Shiyou! (みんなで楽しいことをしよう!, Let's Do Something Fun Together!) - Kio Rojine
16. Team RWBY - EMO
17. In the Case of the Reader - monorobu
18. Mochi-RWBY: Yang-hen (もちるび やんへん, RWBY No Doubt: Yang) - Umiya


3. How many light-years to Babylon?

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Sci-Fi

Follow the intergalactic adventures of a man traveling the stars with a mission: to bone the hottest girls the universe has to offer while uncovering the mysteries of his forgotten past.

(Source: Manga Updates)


4. Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World

Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life

Destination is a state of mind. A tale of one girl and her bike and the road ahead. Kino wanders around the world on the back of Hermes, her unusual, anthropomorphic motorcycle, only staying in each country for three days. During their adventures, they find happiness, sadness, pain, decadence, violence, beauty, and wisdom. But through it all, they never lose their sense of freedom. They discover that because of the world's imperfections, it is actually a thing of beauty. "The world is not beautiful, therefore it is."

The first manga adaptation. Licensed by Vertical Comics.

(Source: MangaUpdates)



Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

This story takes place on the frigid, massive artificial planet known as Aposimz. Eo, Biko and Etherow, residents of the White Diamond Beam, are in the middle of combat training when suddenly a girl appears, Rebedoan Empire soldiers in hot pursuit. The girl asks for their help in keeping safe a “code” and seven mysterious “bullets.” This chance encounter marks a major shift in the fate of the entire planet...

(Source: Kodansha Comics)


6. A Certain Scientific Railgun: Astral Buddy

Sci-Fi, Action, Comedy

Hokaze Junko, one of the top “handmaidens” of Shokuhou Misaki, has always blended into the background of Tokiwadai–an easy feat when you go to an all-girls’ school full of powerful psychics. But when a ghostly figure starts stalking her, Junko is suddenly the center of attention! As Junko investigates her stalker, she starts to learn new things about her classmates…and herself!

(Source: Seven Seas Entertainment)


7. New Danganronpa V3: Minna no Koroshiai Shin Gakki Comic Anthology

Comedy, Sci-Fi

A series of short stories themed around humorous non-canonical situations starring the cast of New Danganronpa V3.

(Source: Danganronpa Wiki)


8. MF Ghost

Sci-Fi, Sports

The series takes place in the 2020s, when self-driving cars are ubiquitous in Japan. The series features a genius driver who goes back to Japan after graduating top of his or her class at a racing school in England.

(Source: MyAnimeList)


9. Sekai no Owari ni Shiba Inu to

Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Slice of Life

A 4-koma series originally posted on twitter about the daily life of a high school girl and her talking dog after the end of civilization.


10. Soukyuu no Ariadne

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi

The manga centers around a certain boy who lives alone away from people, but harbors a special dream. One day, he meets a lone girl, and the story begins as he becomes part of the girl's destiny.

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