Top 10 Sports Manga of 2015


1. Diamond no Ace Act II


Sequel to Diamond no Ace


2. Straighten Up! Welcome to Shika High's Competitive Dance Club

Sports, Comedy

Masaharu Tsuchiya is as dorky as they get and is determined to make high school different than elementary school. But can he keep his inherent awkwardness from ruining his first day? Furthermore, what club will he join? Surely not something club?


3. Hearing When Touched

Ecchi, Romance, Sports, Supernatural

The love story that brings sadness to the heart. A new romance story from the creator of Nozoki Ana and Nozomi x Kimio.

Source: Manga Updates


4. Sports Girl

Comedy, Ecchi, Sports

Sweaty women are beautiful! Martial arts, swimming, cycling, athletics, health, sticky... The girls of exercise and sexy Sports.


5. Major 2nd

Comedy, Drama, Sports

Daigo is born as the son of Gorou, a father who is too great. What path will Daigo, who is burdened with great expectations, take in baseball?


6. Mononofu


The "hot-blooded youth shogi manga" follows an impractical boy named Shinobu who accidentally moves into share-house for aspiring shogi professionals.

(Source: ANN)

7. Ultimate Janken

Action, Comedy, Sports

If a telepath, a clairvoyant, a vice detective, a ninja with super reflexes, a spirit medium, an oil magnate, an extremely lucky boy, and an extremely strong man were to fight it out in a rock-paper-scissors tournament, who would you bet your money on? Just because it's a simple game with simple rules doesn't mean the matches will be simple. Mind games, cheat abilities, interesting characters, great humor, this manga has it all!

(Source: MU)

8. Shippuu Windmill!

Comedy, Sports

9. Ao Ashi


Ashito Aoi, a third year middle school student from Ehime, meets Fukuda Tatsuya, a J Youth League coach. Even though he's still rough around the edges, Ashito has such amazing potential that he gets invited by coach Fukuda to participate in his team's try-outs in Tokyo. The story of a boy who will revolutionize Japanese football begins to unfold.

Note: Nominated for the 2017 Manga Taishou Award.

(Source: Manga Updates)

10. Wild Pitch!!!


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