Top 10 Supernatural Manga of 1991


1. Iguana no Musume

Psychological, Romance, Supernatural

A high school senior without self-esteem thinks she's an iguana. Her mother claims that whenever she sees Rika, she sees an iguana instead of a real human. Because of this, Rika has never received or was shown any love by her mother. Rika's younger sister Mami has been getting all of the love and attention by the mother. (Source: M-U)


2. Ghost Sweeper Mikami

Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Supernatural

Overdevelopment and crowding in Japan has forced many of its indigenous spirits and ghosts to lose their homes. Due to problems caused by the homeless spirits, a new profession was created, the Ghost Sweepers (GS). Private exorcists for hire; they serve only the highest bidder to survive in the cutthroat corporate world. Among this, the Mikami GS Company, led by Reiko Mikami and her two assistants, the teenage boy Tadao Yokoshima and the ghost girl Okinu, is said to be the best.

(Source: Wikipedia)


3. Duklyon: CLAMP School Defenders

Action, Comedy, Supernatural

Kentaro and Takeshi are two freshmen who are periodically called upon to transform themselves into monster-battling superheroes, complete with capes and armor... but there's much more than meets the eye... (Source: Tokyopop)

4. Uryuudou Yumebanashi

Drama, Mystery, Supernatural

This manga tells the stories of an antique store that is run by an elderly man and his grandson. The grandson watches the store while his grandfather is out, and it seems like the most interesting customers come by during these times. The grandson has the ability to perceive the supernatural, and his customers often end up being entwined with the stories of different antiques in the store.

(Source: Manga Updates)

5. Oboro Tanteichou

Horror, Supernatural

A ghost story set in the Meiji era.

6. Astaroth

Comedy, Drama, Supernatural

7. Lucifer

Supernatural, Horror

8. Outer Zone

Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Supernatural

A Twilight Zone/Outer Limits-esque romp through the occult and supernatural led by your elven-eared hostess, Misery.

9. September


The volume comprises 3 short stories.

The first one has a slight supernatural element to it, but is primarily centered on the relationship between a father and son. I feel obligated to add (as a just-in-case) that there are absolutely no incestuous undertones in this story.

Next, we have a story that's kind of philosophical at points when it touches upon the interrelations between humans and existence.

The last story is on friendship, growth and love. It delves lightly into the background of the previous story's protagonist, Karino Yoshihito, as well.

Karino Yoshihito is a character who also appears in "Mizu ga Kooru ni Naru Toki" and "The Another Ocean".

(Source: MU)

10. Cluster

Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural

The story begins by introducing three sisters on a central "Heavenly" planet. This central planet is surrounded by 12 other planets or "worlds." The three sisters living on the heavenly planet are princesses (of course!). One day, the eldest sister goes on a training expedition, but does not return. The energetic, peppy, stereo-type-heroine youngest sister goes off to rescue her. There the story begins.

On her journey, she begins to have perverse dreams about a dark, sinister man with her eldest sister. Out of nowhere, she meets this guy who has a strange, troubled past. He has psycotic phases where he assumes another personality. Sometimes he's nice, and sometimes he gets really evil-looking and tries to seduce her.

She soon meets many other odd people on her journey and they travel with her. Her journey and the adventures become the main story.

(Source: MangaUpdates)

Includes volume 0.

Note: After the second volume, Tamayo Akiyama became the sole credited artist.

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