ネコ神様, Cat God
Nekogamisama is a catlike creature that often stays inside a vending machine to warm the drinks to quotbody temperaturequot he often uses mysterious powers to play tricks on Mesousa such as dropping him into a hole appearing out of nowhere. As his catchphrase he almost always ends his sentences with the phrase quotdesu nyaquot and additionally quotnyaquot is Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound a cat makes the English equivalent of quotmeowquot hence he actually says quotMeowquot in the English translation. In each episode he is shown with his fur a different color and in the final episode there is a scene where he is constantly changing colors. When he is unable to watch the vending machines he often will ask others to step in for him until his return Mesousa did this in one episode in the anime. Nekogamisama has an elder brother that looks nearly identical to him but wears yellow glasses and appears in the 25th episode when he was truly a god in Ichijou039s box. Nekogamisama bears a resemblance to Chiyo039s quotFatherquot in Azumanga Daioh and might even be a parody of him. Source: Wikipedia fixed a bit by Ghotath