Kuugen Tenko

天狐空幻, Kuu
Tenko Kuugen is a thousandyearold demon/yokai fox that served as a guardian god for hundreds of years. Kuugen is able to use all sort of spells but has an extremely mischievous personality playing all sort of pranks until finally the Mitsuji family sealed it up until the present day when a situation forced them to free it for Kuugens help. Even though Kuugen doesnt hate the Mitsuji family. After the crisis it quit its job and became the guardian god of the Takagami family. Kuu is extremely smart and curious it was able to figure out modern world technology and learned to blend in in very quickly. But Kuu still likes to do as they please. Kuu is too old to remember its original gender so it takes both male and female form. Kuu likes the Takagami brothers and does all it can to protect them at all cost.