Ai Kisugi

来生愛, Alex Chamade, Tati
Baby sister of the trio Ai has a spunky tomboyish personality and demeanor and has a geniuslevel I.Q. and is particularly adept in mechanics computer programming and engineering. She has built a wide array of gadgets to help her sisters in their heists. A typical teenager she seems to be preoccupied a lot and dreams of falling in love. Being a high school girl she also has a pet tabby kitten called Tiger. While not as skilled as her sisters Ai has nonetheless mastered a number of skills and is regularly the one who operates the getaway vehicles for the heists including helicopters gyrocopters trucks motorcycles cars and miniplanes. Her greatest weakness lies in the fact she is physically the weakest of the three siblings evident in the anime when she tried to suplex a wrestler only to have the maneuver backfire on her but in exchange she is also the most agile. Source: Wikipedia