Toshio Utsumi

内海俊夫, Matthew, Quentin Chapuis
Toshio is the male protagonist of the series. High school sweetheart to Hitomi. Toshio always dreamed of being a police detective even when in high school and upon graduation from Academy was assigned to the Inunaki or the Crying Dog District Police Station in the heart of Tokyo. While Toshio has wanted to marry Hitomi he has vowed not to until he has captured the Cats Eye he has however made the first step and proposed to her.While a bit clumsy and not very good at finding clues his dogged determination and unyielding persistence has impressed his supervisors. He is however very stubborn and gets into verbal fights with his Chief constantly. Toshio doesnt carry a gun and prefers to use his wits and fists to contend with criminals. He has a weakness for beautiful woman and constantly makes Hitomi jealous.Source: Wikipedia