Petite Charat

プチ・キャラット, Puchiko (ぷちこ)
Birthday:Jan 21
At the beginning of the story it is explained that Puchiko also known as Capuccino is Dejiko039s five year old sidekick and is a catgirl. Her relationship to Dejiko is not explained in the original series but Gema states that she is a princess in the Di Gi Charat Movie and it is seen that she lives with Dejiko in the castle in Panyo Panyo Di Gi Charat. According to Di Gi Charat Complete 2002 Dejiko saved her by pulling her out of a hole and so Puchiko followed Dejiko to thank her. Although in Winter Garden it said that Puchiko is Dejiko039s sister and share the same parents. Puchiko is quiet but when she does speak she has unexpected sharp tongue and has a Type B personality. She has the ability to use an eyebeam similar to Dejiko039s but is often too docile to conjure the aggression required to perform such a feat. This has caused many things to come out of her eyes including sludge when she attempts to use it. Puchiko has brown hair and dark brown eyes. She wears a schoolgirltype uniform plus cat bells in her hair though they are much smaller than Dejiko039s. She wears orange boots cat ears and tail. She ends each sentence with nyu. source: wikipedia