Majin Boo

魔人ブウ, Majin Buu, Djinn Boo
Boo is introduced in the series during the Boo arc as an innocent looking pudgy pink genielike creature. Later in the series it is revealed that Boos original form is a more sleek child form The Boo of Pure Evil however his nature and form had been altered after hed assimilated the gentle pudgy god Dai kaioshin into his body. Boos creator a wizard named Bibbidi had used Boo to wage war on the Kaioshin. Boo managed to assimilate two of the four Kaioshin the second being the one who altered his nature to become innocent. Before assimilating the second Kaioshin he had killed the third Kaioshin. After Bibbidi sealed Boo away Bibbidi was killed by the fourth Kaioshin and Boo was transported to Earth where he layed dormant for five million years until he was revived by Bibbidis son Babbidi during the events of Dragon Ball. Boo has numerous counterparts in the series. When he first emerges from his shell he is tall and round and his personality is naive and innocent. The first form of Boo kills Babidi however soon befriends a human named Mr. Satan and later a puppy which Boo finds and heals after hed decided to go on a killing rampage. After realizing that the puppy liked him Boo names the puppy Bay Bee in English. Despite Boos sudden change of heart two gunmen destroy his house and attempt to kill Bay and Mr. Satan. Due to his rage at the gunman Boos anger manifests itself in the form of another Boo The Boo of Pure Wrath. After a battle with the superior Boo of Pure Wrath Boo is absorbed and the two combined create Super Boo who tracks down the protagonists of the series Piccolo and Gotenks. After absorbing them Boo is faced by another character named Son Gohan. After absorbing Son Gohan Boo is confronted by the character Vegetto where he is forced to separate from all the characters at which hed absorbed including the Good Boo. As a result he reverts to his purest form the original child state called The Boo of Pure Evil. After a long hard battle the characters Son Goku Majin Boo and Vegeta topple Kid Boo.