Jinpachi Ogura


Reincarnation of Gyokuran.

Jinpachi is described in the English manga as similar to Clark Kent. Like Gyokuran, he is emotionally immature, preferring to act immediately instead of taking a moment to think about his actions before he does them. He rudely (unintentionally so) rebuffs Issei's advances without a second thought and also later torments Issei by telling him how he has fallen deeply in love with Alice. Jinpachi and Issei are the first reincarnated moon characters that Alice and Rin encounter. Jinpachi is the only character who closely resembles his former incarnation. Aside from the way they part their hair, Gyokuran and Jinpachi are virtually identical. He also retains the power to use "ki" (energy) blasts, and this is first shown when he uses this ki to defeat a group of thugs.

(Source: Wikipedia)