Aki Izayoi

十六夜アキ, Akiza Izinski, Black Rose Witch, Queen of Queens, Daddy's little rose
Aki is a Psycho Duelist who has extraordinary powers which she blames the wretched mark her Signer birthmark for. She has the ability of making the effects of cards very real and her opponents take real physical damage. However she does not want her identity known when she unleashes these powers so she hides behind another identity of hers called the Black Rose Witch since her ace monster is the Black Rose Dragon. The only person that seems to understand her best was Divine who assisted her when she joined the Arcadia Movement an organization of Psychic Duelists. However after meeting Yusei in the Fortune Cup her outlook on life changes bit by bit. Season 3 Season 2 Her first name in JapaneseAki means Autumn