Kyoji Yotobari

Kyoji is manipulative greedy and lazy. He has a number of hobbies all of which he takes more seriously than his job as an exorcist. However when he is working he does do his job quite well but usually making others unwillingly help him or do the work for him. He has a fetish for young pretty girls stating that he hates men and that they are dirty. He makes dresses for both Tonae and Guiltna. Kyoji is a comical character who seems to take few things seriously. He is quite handsome with long black hair and silver gray eyes. He wears glasses and keeps his hair tied. He is a pervert and seems to only show kindness to his sister. He apparently made Tonae039s school039s uniforms adding many details to the girls039 uniforms but simply making a plain black jacket and pants for the males he states that he sees no reason to spend time on them.