ベアトリーチェ, Golden Witch, Beatrice the Golden, Endless Witch, Beato, Riiche

The Golden Witch and Endless Witch. She is affectionately referred to as "Beato" (ベアト?). A witch who has lived for over a thousand years, she is said to appear as a cloud of golden butterflies, and has the power to summon higher demons among the seventy-two pillars to serve her. It is said that humans can summon her to have their wishes granted in exchange for compensation, though she often acts whimsically. She is the one rumored to have given Kinzo ten tons of gold and served under him as the alchemic advisor to the Ushiromiya family. There are also rumors of a woman named Beatrice who was kept by Kinzo as a mistress in a hidden mansion on Rokkenjima called Kuwadorian until her death in the year 1967.

She is the primary antagonist of the story, who first appears in the Tea Party of Legend of the Golden Witch, where she confronts Battler over his refusal to accept that his friends and family were killed by magic, and challenges him to a game in which he must prove otherwise from Turn of the Golden Witch onward.

Birthday: November 29 Horoscope: Sagittarius At first glance, her personality is extremely twisted in that she does not necessarily make the best move for herself if it means confusing or maddening her opponents. Regarding Battler, Beatrice brings their game to the meta-world where she tries to make the scenarios presented in each game as fantastical as possible in the hopes that it will make him surrender. Despite this, she is nothing more than an immature child at heart who only wants to play with toys she doesn't have to worry about breaking. Regardless, this facade regarding her reasons for the game is mostly shattered by the end of End of the Golden Witch, in which she is killed due to giving up on everything and letting go. Battler tries resurrecting her in Dawn of the Golden Witch, but is only able to conjure up a new Beatrice, since the old one has passed away. This Beatrice has none of the memories of the previous Beatrice, but may become like her if given a thousand years. She meets a second Beatrice who acts like the original, but knows nothing about Battler or the game he plays. The new Beatrice refers to this Beatrice as "older sister".

She is one of the personalites of Yasu and was made as the ideal girl for Battler to fall in love with after Shannon's feelings were made to be directed at George instead of Battler