The White King

Ginko holds the title of the "white king" but is in fact a woman. She is also the one who put together the elite spy group, "The Four Virtues". Not much is known about her until the later volumes of the manga. In the anime, the white king is only briefly mentioned as the king who resides in Kyoto with the emperor.

Ginko was married off to the leader of Awaji Island, due to the island's strategic importance, yet she came to love him nonetheless. However, the emperor, her father, decided afterwards that the alliance between the Awaji leader and himself was unnecessary and ordered an attack on the island, with the excuse that the Awaji leader was a traitor. Ginko, refusing to abandon her husband, was injured in the fire during the invasion, but was saved from death by Hiragi. Due to these experiences, she wishes for nothing but the destruction of her father's rule, plotting revenge secretly behind the scenes. She dies when the palace in Kyoto falls in upon itself. The first side story "White Story: Fig" tells the story of Ginko, from when she was a little girl with a crush on Kakihito (Higari) to her death in the main story line. One of the many revelations here is that Ginko, after she was brought back from Awaji Island, was raped by her drunken father, and became pregnant. The baby was killed by Higari after Ginko gave birth and asked for his death, but later when she asked for her baby boy again, Higari found another one to replace the one he killed. She named this child Asagi.