At the beginning of the series Zero is a thirteen year old wizardintraining. He is taking the magic exams with his partner Ich. They planned on getting the Crystal Pearl and winning the Magic Exams but there plans change when Nina a human girl swallows the pearl. When the Magic Examiners here about this they inform them that a potion to remove the pearl wont be available for another six months by the time the exam is over. Much to Zeros aggravation Ich says that they will have to protect Nina until the end of the exams. Zero often argues with Nina and calls her an idiot. This causes Nina to often physically hurt him. He and Ich enroll in Ninas school to make sure she is safe at all times and have secretly created a magical space in her closet where they live. Many other examinees try and attack Nina to obtain the pearl but Zero and Ich always end up saving her. As time passes Zero begins to develop feelings for Nina. Zero was born into a rich family and when he was ten years old his older brother Jeff was engaged to a poor girl. Zero met her step brother Ich and witnessed his power. Right away he wanted to enter the Magic Exams with Ich. Originally Ich planned on using Zero but Zero was to nave to notice and was willing to do anything it took to become Ichs partner. Eventually Ich and Zeros powers are combined to defeat a powerful enemy and the to become the best of friends. They eventually enroll in a Magical Cram School to prepare themselves for the Magic Exams. Source: Wikia