Enderle Koutza

エンドレ・クーザ, Endre Kourza
In the manga and the novels his name is Endre Kourza. He is the Count of Zagrev of the New Human Empire. Known as the Empire039s worst mass murderer Enderle particularly enjoys slaughtering his victims. After his exile from the empire he associated himself with the Order of Rosen Kreuz and continued his crimes in Venice. He was found by Astharoshe Asran and Abel Nightroad who had orders from their respective superiors to arrest or eliminate him. Avoiding his pursuers Enderle plotted to assassinate Pope Alessandro. His plans ended in failure when he was shot with a silver bullet by Abel Nightroad. During his transportation back to the Empire to await judgment he was killed by Isaak Fernando Von Kampher. Note: His connection to the Rosen Kreuz and his death are only revealed in the original novel. Title: Count of Zagrev Quote: quotPlease extend your neck... and diequot Born: Power: Aegis Shield Background: A former Imperial Noble Enderle Koutza was exiled under charges of murder and treason. Years ago he held Astharoche captive and killed her partner.