Suumlleyman is the Duke of Tigris in the New Human Empire. He serves as the ActingHead of the Imperial Secret Council after Mirkas feigned death. He is part of the plot to assassinate the Empress and plans to take the throne after her death. He controls the ring of Solomon which is capable of firing deadly blasts of energy. He is much older than he appears as he has long considered himself to be Astharoshes uncle and has served the Empire for hundreds of years. Despite his hatred and defiance toward the desire for peace between the two races he could not bring himself to kill the Empress. Title: Duke of Tigris Born: Power: Ring of Solomon Background: The highest ranking noble in the Empire after Augustra Vradica and Mirka Fortuna Suumlleyman has spent his 300 years of life dedicated to his nation. He is the Deputy of the Imperial Secret Council and seems to have known Astharoshe since she was a child. In truth he is the apparent leader of the extremists in the Empire attempting to assassinate the Empress and the Duchess of Moldova to take over and rule. He is killed by Astaroth during his revolt as he aims his ring at the Empress but intentionally misses her.